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Don’t over-pay for your editing needs!

I charge a rate of $3.00/1000 words for most edits, $2.50/1000 words for proofing an already polished manuscript or a sprucing of a previously published one. That means your 100,000-word manuscript will cost $300 for a comprehensive first-time edit. Payment via PayPal or Zelle. I do not accept credit cards at this time.

Editing Packages:

Comprehensive editing: A combination of content/developmental editing and line editing.

  • Analysis of the plot and sub-plot story arcs.
  • Story flow and pacing, appropriately placed tension.
  • Check for dead ends or loose ends.
  • Fact checks for accuracy.
  • Character development and interaction.
  • Analysis of the ease and plausibility of dialogue, and ensuring all character actions and interactions advance the story.
  • Point of view.
  • Active versus passive voice.
  • Adjective usage/overuse.
  • Descriptive passages and scene setting (too much or too little).
  • As part of the comprehensive edit, copy/line edits include but are not limited to spelling, English/grammar/usage, modifier usage, and sentence structure.
  • Computerized document analysis.

Technical/line edit only:

  • Active versus passive voice.
  • Adjective usage/overuse.
  • Spelling
  • English/grammar/usage, modifier usage, and sentence structure.
  • Computerized document analysis.

*Note: If I notice a content/developmental issue during the line edit, I will alert the author.

Proofreading: To help you put a final shine on your already polished manuscript by locating minor errors.

  • Read-through for typographical errors.
  • Computer document analysis.

 I edit all genres, including but not necessarily limited to*:

  • Historical/Historical Romance (with attention to historical accuracy)
  • Historical Regency/Regency Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Military
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal/Supernatural
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Erotica
  • LGBT
  • New adult
  • Young adult
  • Middle grade
  • Children’s books
  • Nonfiction (limited)

*If it’s not listed, please ask!

Coaching: I also offer writing coach services on a selected basis. Increase your writing’s quality through one-on-one work with a best-selling author and editor on the areas you are most interested in improving. Contact me with your needs for further details and pricing.

About Kay Springsteen: I am a literary editor, who also happens to be a best-selling author. I understand that your book is your baby, and that you want to dress it up to impress theKay Springsteen 2011 world. My education background includes primary education, English, and business communication majors. I have worked in the business/administrative office world since 1987, eventually drifting to the specialty of the medical reports and records field in 1994. From my time in the medical field, I have extensive medical knowledge and medical language skills. In addition, I have military expert connections, which allow me to check and double check facts related to military equipment, protocols, uniforms, and more.

I have been a literary editor since 2011, having worked for various non-traditional e-publication companies, including former senior editor for Astraea Press (now Clean Reads), editor for Imzadi Publishing, and proofreader for Penner Publishing. I currently perform content and line editing for Dingbat Publishing Company, and content editing for esKape Press, and content editing for Blue Tulip Publishing. In addition, I number among my clients several independent best-selling authors.

Payment: Author pays a one-time fee based on the total word count when your manuscript is ready delivery of the first round. However, I will continue working with authors until they are satisfied, to include rewrites/checking edits, answering questions. In the event of author’s cancelation, author is responsible for work finished at the time of cancelation.

Return of edited work: The timing of work return is estimated only, based upon the quality of work assessed during the sample phase. No guarantees are given. If more time is needed to maintain quality of work, return time may be changed at the discretion of the editor. Author has the right to cancel if the edit is deemed to require a lengthier time, but author will be responsible for all work finished at the time of cancelation.

Specials and Discounts:

  • 10% off for new clients (for edits over 25,000 words).
  • 10% off your next edit (over 25,000 words) for every referral.
  • Special rates for charitable publications.
  • Complimentary synopsis and blurb assistance is provided with every proofread or edit.

EditingFor a free 3-page double spaced sample edit and a quoted rate, email me at: wordsprite@gmail.com. Let me know a little about your work; genre, word count, what type of edit you’re looking for, etc. Upon editing your sample, if I feel your manuscript is ready for editing, I will return your edited sample and provide you with pricing and scheduling options. However, if I feel you need to work a bit more, I will return your edited sample and also send you a summary of the major issues that need your attention.

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