Tuesday Tales Picture Flash February 2012

“Hurry!” Mike tugged on Jenna’s hand, urging her to run faster over the uneven ground.

Jenna glanced over her shoulder. “We lost them.” Her steps slowed. If she could just have a moment to catch her breath.

“Come on! We didn’t lose them—they’re just delayed at the fence.” He yanked harder and spikes of pain sparked from her shoulder into her neck.

“Ow! You don’t have to rip my arm off.” But she picked up the pace.

Mike trotted along the shore of the little protected cove, pulling Jenna along with him. Together they dodged coconuts littering the ground. Jenna balked when he led them to a white and orange boat.

“What the hell is that?” She dug her heels into the grass and he dragged her several feet. “You trying to drown us?”

At the shouts in the distance, Mike pointed behind her. “We have to go. Now!”

He gave her a shove and she tumbled into the boat, grasping the edge to keep from plunging into the water beyond.

“Okay! Take it easy!”

Mike picked up an oar and pushed off the shore with a grunt. “Hold on!” He grabbed the other oar and began rowing.

A few feet from the shore, loud calls reached them. They’d been discovered. One tall skinny youth with scraggly hair jumped into the water and began swimming in their direction.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Jenna lifted the green tarp behind her. Coconuts! Lots of them. She picked them up and began lobbing them toward the swimmer.

Sputtering, the youth stopped swimming. “Cut it out, Jenna! Dammit, Mike! Come back here with my girlfriend!”

“I. Am. Not. Your. Girlfriend!” Jenna screamed, punctuating each word with a hurled coconut. She flung one more at her ex, hitting him square on his forehead. “Cheater!”

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