Sweet Saturday Sample


Coming this spring in e-pub! Something Like a Lady!


“Lady Annabella,” whispered the girl when she found her voice. “I thought you was in London.”

“Get out!” Heat rushed to her face. Had the maid seen her outburst? Annabella narrowed her eyes and stalked toward the startled girl. “I said, get out! I am not here.”

The maid’s jaw dropped. “B-but m-m’lady. Ye’re standing right in front o’ me.”

Was the girl dense? Exasperated, Annabella blew out a breath. “Well then, you don’t see me!”

The girl opened her mouth and looked like she would argue but then clamped her lips shut. “Yes, m’lady,” she muttered, casting her eyes downward.

Sweet Saturday Regency Sample!

When what did our wondering eyes did appear but the words THE END on Something Like a Lady! Kim and I are jazzed to say it won’t be long now! How about a little peek at what we did?


The sun had disappeared behind an overcast sky, but the church, constructed of golden-hued stone, gave the illusion of glowing. Nestled between two separate wings of the 800px-St_John_the_Baptist_Churchchurch, the stone bell tower rose well above the slate roof to preside over the yard. Colorful stained glass windows had been placed along the two sides of the building Jon could see, boasting of a fairly flush parish.

Little wonder, if the vicar was in the habit of issuing special marriage licenses for the immoderate price Jon had agreed to pay him.

“We shall have to hurry if we’re to have the deed finished before noon as the law requires,” said Hamilton, scrambling from the carriage. Breathing heavily, he hurried up the path to the heavy wooden door.

Jon eased from the seat, turned and held out a hand. “My lady,” he murmured, keeping his voice gentle.

Her delicate hand trembled as she slipped it into his, but she allowed him to assist her without argument. When she stood on the ground in front of him, she lifted her face and regarded him with pleading eyes. She was a creature trapped, unable to fight, unable to flee.

He couldn’t do it, couldn’t force her into a marriage that so obviously distressed her. His sport had gone on long enough — too long really. He drew a breath.

Sharp pain assaulted the top of his right foot. “Egad!” he exclaimed, leaping back as the pain traveled upward into his leg and brought the prick of tears to his eyes. “What the devil are you doing, woman?”

“I beg your pardon?” Annabella blinked, but her feigned innocence didn’t fool him. The chit had stomped his foot with the force of a Percheron stallion. Green eyes flashed. “I believe we have a wedding to attend?” She pushed past him, treading on his injured foot.

Jon hissed in a breath as the pain in his limb renewed itself. Had he thought her defeated? She’d merely been recovering her impudent manner. Teeth clenched against the throb in his foot, he followed his unwilling bride toward the church.


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