A Memorial Day Six Sentence Sunday

In honor of Memorial Day, this is from Camp Wedding (in Matrimonial Mayhem)

Trish was unsurprised when the last set of swords dropped to block their path.

“The price for passing is a kiss,” Colonel Robb informed them.

Beside her, Trish felt Dan’s start of surprise, but he bent and placed a gentle, chaste kiss on her lips. The swords didn’t lift. Trish lifted her gaze to regard Dan’s superior officer.

“The price for passing is a proper kiss,” announced Colonel Robb.

To read more from Camp Wedding, and five more completely new stories by various Astraea Press authors, order your copy of Matrimonial Mayhem today.

Through November 30, 2011, all proceeds will benefit the Governor of Alabama’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, for the hardest storm-hit areas of the State of Alabama.

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And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I’ll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, ‘cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this land, god bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood

Let us never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we might experience and enjoy freedom. Memorial Day movie recommendation: Taking Chance, with Kevin Bacon (HBO).

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, ~Kay

The Right Way and the Wrong Way

I grew up with a dad who had been a sergeant in the U.S. Army and a National Guardsman after that, so you might not be surprised to learn that my life was pretty regimented. Toys and other belongings had to be stowed – one of those place for everything and everything in its place deals. Dressing casual wasn’t a problem – I was allowed to wear pants or shorts, or if I chose, I could wear dresses and skirts. Revealing was not allowed, though, and rumpled was not acceptable. So my mom ironed. A lot. And while my dad didn’t perform any sort of inspection, he noticed little details.

I was also expected to be up and at the day (even in the summer) by 6 or 7 a.m. To be truthful, I’m not sure that was his rule so much as I went to bed so early at night that I was up at first light. And no lounging around the house watching morning TV in my pajamas for me. I had chores (nothing I couldn’t handle, always age-appropriate) and being up meant it was time to get dressed and get at those chores. My dad was so regimented that when he and my mom had their house built in a brand new subdivision in Livonia, Michigan, he insisted the plans for the curvy (and I thought appealing) sidewalk leading to the house be made straight. My dad appreciated a good squared off angle. I swear he couldn’t SEE circles (or maybe he just refused to acknowledge them).

But Dad (known to the world as James M. Springsteen) was full of wisdom and good advice. To this day, close to 22 years following his death I remember his motto: There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. You should always make sure you do things the right way.

When I wrote the first Echoes of Orson’s Folly book, Lifeline Echoes, I needed a father figure for my hero, Ryan. Since the story primarily takes place on a ranch in Wyoming, I was thinking of a Robert Redford type for my hero’s dad, Justin McGee. But the outward picture of Justin is just that, an outward picture. I needed to build a man of substance. For that, I turned to my dad and our relationship, which was sometimes tough and regimented, but always filled with love, even when I did things that let him down.

Back in the planning stages of Lifeline Echoes, I had no idea it was possible for a secondary character to take on such a strong dynamic. But Justin did just that. In Lifeline Echoes, readers were already telling me they were in love with Ryan’s father. By the time I rolled Elusive Echoes off my computer, I recognized Justin is actually the backbone of the stories. He’s not just the father to my heroes, brothers Ryan and Sean McGee (Lifeline Echoes and Elusive Echoes), but a father figure to at least half the fictional town as far as I can tell, and I’ve had some readers tell me they see their own father in Justin. I know I see a lot of my own father in him, even parts I didn’t intentionally put there. So far he hasn’t told his kids the right way/wrong way thing, but I expect it to happen any book now.

A Taste of Justin (from Lifeline Echoes)

He smelled the cigar smoke when he hit the door to the porch.

“Evening,” his father greeted easily.

“You let Sandy leave.” Ryan tossed the words at his father without stopping.

“Was I supposed to stop her?” Justin calmly surveyed his son.

Ryan paused his forward momentum. “Yes. She’s safe here.”

A pained expression crossed Justin’s face and he slapped at a mosquito on his neck. “She’s got a business, boy. She has to tend to it or she won’t have it long.”

“She needs to be safe—I need her to stay safe.” Ryan moved toward his car.

His father’s quiet voice stopped him. “Ry, I haven’t been in a position to give you advice in a lot of years, so maybe you’ll think it’s late for me to be starting now.” Justin waited for Ryan to meet his eyes. “Maybe if I’d spoken up more when you were younger, things would be different. But I can’t change the past. I can see you love this gal.”

Justin pulled out a cigar, studied it, then slid it back into his pocket.

Not caring that he showed his impatience this time, Ryan jiggled his car keys.

“Son, you came home missing something. Or maybe missing someone. Did you go looking for what you’re missing—maybe hoping to find it in Miss Sandy?”

The car keys fell to the porch with a clink. Frowning, Ryan stooped to retrieve them. Only the fear that echoed his father’s kept his anger at the invasive nature of the question in check. Still, he couldn’t keep the chill out of his voice. “She say something to you?”

Justin chuckled. “Nothing I didn’t already see.” He shook his head. “She doesn’t deserve to be your second choice, son. And as long as you keep yourself walled off, separating the pieces of your life you don’t want to talk about, you aren’t making her your first.”

The breath rushed from Ryan’s lungs with the emotional sucker punch. “It’s not like that. We haven’t had time—”

Justin’s pointed stare halted Ryan in mid-­denial. There had been plenty of time, lots of opportunities, he realized. He’d always found a way around the subject, reasons not to talk.

“You know,” his father continued, “Love comes with a lot of things. Happiness, responsibility . . . fear. Open up to her. If she loves you, she’ll understand anything you have to tell her. But don’t smother her with everything you’re feeling right now, son. She isn’t one who’s going to take easy to that kind of love.”

Forcing himself to take a deep, calming breath, Ryan asked, “Are you telling me not to see her tonight?”

Justin shook his head. “I’m strongly suggesting, son, that if you woke up from your nap, missed your girl, and wanted to see her, maybe hold an enlightening conversation, she’ll take it a lot more kindly than the attitude you’re wearing right now.”

The emotions gripping Ryan suddenly drained out of him, and he nodded. Then he chuckled. “You’re the second person today to give me that advice.”

“Really,” Justin said in a droll tone. “Who would be the first?”

Ryan drew a deep breath, blew it out. Avoiding his father’s sharp stare, he mumbled his answer. “Sandy.”

Justin’s hearty laughter followed Ryan to his car. “You know, a lady usually likes to get a call first before a gentleman drops in on her. Gives her time to spruce up a mite.”

Ryan could feel the warm smile spreading over his face as he reached for his cell and called up Sandy’s number.

>I hope you’ve enjoyed this taste of Justin from Lifeline Echoes. Watch for him in Elusive Echoes, Sean’s story, too.

Lifeline Echoes is currently available from Astraea Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel. Elusive Echoes will be available at the end of June 2011.

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Six Sentence Sunday Echoes

The story of Ryan and Sandy in Lifeline Echoes was only the beginning. Sean and Mel continue the story in Elusive Echoes.

The letter sat next to the register behind the bar. It might as well have been a rattlesnake. It bore a sender’s name but no return address, though it was postmarked in Des Moines, Iowa. Denny DeVayne; Mel couldn’t remember if she’d ever seen her brother’s name written out before. She had seen his freakishly neat handwriting, and recognized that now. But he was part of the life she’d walked away from the second she’d turned eighteen, some eleven years earlier. Nothing good would be contained in that letter and she didn’t want to open it.

Blurb:  They’re two people caught between friendship and something more; they can’t move forward, and they can’t let go.

Drawn together from early childhood, Sean McGee and Melanie Mitchell seemed destined for each other. But at age thirteen, Melanie was wrenched from the people she loved and forced onto a path she loathed. Sean was no stranger to people leaving, but losing Melanie devastated him. When she suddenly reappeared in Orson’s Folly, Sean was overjoyed. The Melanie who came home, though, wasn’t the same girl. She’s got a harder edge and she’s obviously hiding something, but Sean no longer knows how to reach her.

Returning to Orson’s Folly as an adult, all Melanie wanted to do was forget the years she spent away. But she soon learned that going home didn’t mean she could return to her old life—or her childhood sweetheart, Sean. Even their mutual attraction to one another hasn’t rebuilt the bond of trust and closeness they once shared. It’s been seven years since she returned and now everything Melanie wants to forget has broadsided her. She must confront her demons and relive her past in an unexpected way or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved. But even if she succeeds, Sean might be lost to her anyway.

Available June 2011 Astraea Press

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Voices form a powerful connection. The day the earth rocked LA, Sandy Wheaton became a voice lifeline over the radio for trapped firefighter, “Mick.” Less than twenty four hours later, she had fallen in love with him. Shattered when she learned that rescue came too late, she sought solace Wyoming, the home state he had loved. Now, seven years later, she’s made a life there as the owner of a popular local bar. But her wounds are still fresh, and she longs to let go of the past and her lost love so she can begin living again. That opportunity presents itself when the local prodigal son returns home. The attraction between them is instant. It feels like she’s known him far longer than just a few days.

Sixteen years ago, Ryan McGee left home in the midst of controversy. After living through a harrowing trauma, he finally returns home when his family needs his help through some troubling times. All he wants to do is make amends with those he hurt most and to get back to the life he’d never wanted to leave in the first place. When he meets the sexy bartender, he starts thinking in terms of forever. But there’s still someone out there he wants to find, someone who once believed in him and gave him hope.

Available from Astraea Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Also available: Heartsight and Matrimonial Mayhem (Camp Wedding)

Yellowstone: More Than a Scenic Destination

Please follow this redirection to Kay’s Six Sentence Sunday offering.

Grab a stick and a marshmallow…the campfire’s this way. Did anyone bring more graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate bars? I’m making double S’Mores…

Trip Around the World

Mega Author Blog Hop: Ticket to Paradise

 Tour rules:

1)  Have fun!!!

2)  Invite all of your friends!!! Spread the word!!!

3)  This tour starts:  Monday, may 16, at midnight (Arizona time)

4)  This tour ends:  Monday, may 23, at midnight (Arizona time)

5)  Meet and mingle with all the authors! Experience a new destination at every stop! Participate in every blog contest and be entered for chances to win multiple prizes! Every blog visited is another opportunity to win!!

6) Participation at every blog is recommended. But remember: the more you hop, the more chances you have to win. Every author is waiting to meet and interact with you, so please be sure to show every author some love!

7) Don’t forget to have fun!

THIS STOP: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a writer, or just someone who wants to vacation in a peaceful splendor, Yellowstone National Park is a must-see. Bring the significant other, bring the parents, bring the kids….but above all, bring yourself for picnics, camping, nature watching, hiking, swimming, rock climbing and other extreme sports. You won’t want to miss nature’s marvels, from the smallest bird to the largest lumbering buffalo.

And while you‘re at it, don’t forget Old Faithful. Did you know, while Old Faithful is the most well-known geyser, it is not the only one in the area?


Yellowstone National Park is located primarily in the State of Wyoming, though parts of this park extend into Montana and Idaho, spanning an area of 3,468.4 sq mi. This was the world’s first national park, designated in 1872. Native Americans have lived in that area now known as Yellowstone for greater than 11,000 years.

When I needed a western cattle ranch location for my story Lifeline Echoes, I checked out a few states, but few places captured my imagination as well as the state of Wyoming. So I created a fictional small town in the western part of the state, not too far from Yellowstone Park. Elusive Echoes, the second in that series is due out in June of this year. My current WIP is also set in that fictional small town of Orson’s Folly, Wyoming.

Plan a trip: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

S’Mores anyone?

6 regular sized chocolate bars (Hershey bars are the classic choice, but use your favorite flat chocolate bar)
12 whole graham crackers, each split into 2-inch squares
24 large marshmallows

Roast marshmallows over the campfire, making them just as you need them for each S’more (these treats are best consumed hot or at least, warm). For each S’more place one roasted marshmallow and one small square of chocolate between two graham cracker squares. Give it all a little squeeze and take a bite!  Optional ingredient – caramel wrap (the kind used for caramel apple wraps) cut to fit the graham cracker and placed between marshmallow and chocolate.

Do YOU have a variation on S’Mores?

Says photographer, J.L. Gould of Yellowstone: “The experience of going to Yellowstone, solo, for so many weeks, seeing and experiencing so much beauty has changed me forever.” For some beautiful pictures of the park, check out the Photography of J.L. Gould in Yellowstone National Park. Ms. Gould is the talented photographer who inspired descriptions of the area and the photographs in Lifeline Echoes, which is set in Western Wyoming, quite close to Yellowstone.

So here’s what I want to know about all of you: What is your ultimate vacation fantasy?

Please don’t forget to check out Matrimonial Mayhem, the Astraea Press website exclusive charity anthology, with 100% of the profits designated for storm relief in the hardest hit areas of Alabama. I am honored to be included in this creative endeavor, with my story of the Heartsight characters’ wedding, Camp Wedding. Thank you for visiting. And now, please check out where Rachel Firasek is taking you on this world tour.

An Elusive Six Sentence Sunday

Pssst! Pass on the good news: The charity release, Matrimonial Mayhem, is now available. For just $5, you can help the tornado-stricken areas in Alabama, knowing 100% of your donation will be sent to benefit the Governor of Alabama’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, for the hardest hit areas of the state, and you get an e-book with 6 brand new stories from Astraea Press authors.

And now, on to my SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY OFFERING.  From upcoming release Elusive Echoes -you know how those women in labor can be so outspoken…..

Sandy moaned again and her face became ashen. “Oh, for crying out loud, I’m asking you to help me deliver my baby, not have sex with me.” With a grunt, she squeezed her eyes shut and breathed through the contraction. “If you’d have sex with Melanie, you’d know the difference by now.”

Sean’s choked response echoed back at him from across the room. His head snapped up and his eyes widened when he caught sight of Mel standing just inside the kitchen door.

Return to Six Sentence Sunday or enjoy the Elusive Echoes BLURB:

Six-year-old Melanie Mitchell and seven-year-old Sean McGee became best friends the day Sean’s mother died. Drawn together by their mutual love of horses, the two seemed destined for each other. At thirteen, however, Melanie was wrenched from the life and people she loved and forced into a life she loathed, with people she loathed even more.

Returning to Orson’s Folly at age twenty-one, all she wanted to do was forget the years she spent away from the small town, and go back to life the way it used to be. But although she and Sean were still attracted to each other, the unquestioning bond of trust and friendship they had enjoyed as children had been broken, seemingly beyond repair. They couldn’t move forward, and they couldn’t let go.

Now, seven years later, they’re still caught between friendship and something more, and Melanie’s past has broadsided her. She must confront her demons and relive her past in an unexpected way, or risk losing the only man she has ever loved…knowing that even if she succeeds, she may lose him anyway. ~Available June 2011

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Blog Release Party-Matrimonial Mayhem

We’ve decided to throw a bash in honor of our wonderful book and the amazing cause it’s going to help. And with a party comes PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!!! So here’s the scoop of prizes. We’re running this hop until Saturday at midnight EST. We’ll have 4 winners. Prizes will be as follows:

1st place A Princess Diana beanie baby bear and an Astraea Press coupon code to use toward the purchase of any titles on the Astraea Press website, plus an ecopy of a book currently available by one of the six of us (winner’s choice)
 2nd place is a beautiful neclace and a paperback of my book Wayward Soul, plus an ecopy of a book currently available by one of the six of us (winner’s choice)
 3rd place is choice of 2 copies of ebooks currently offered by the six of us (winner’s choice)
 4th place is choice of 1 copy of ebook currently offered by the six of us (winner’s choice)
 Rules are simple:
 Contestant must comment on all seven blogs to be eligible to win. This includes the Astraea Press Blog as well as the blogs of all six authors of the anthology. You can click HERE to go to the AP Blog if you need to:) Otherwise, the link to the next blog is at the bottom of this post.
 For every person you send to our blog hop (the person has to note your name in their post) you get another entry for prizes, same if you tweet and facebook (be sure to tell us you did). Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions:)

Matrimonial Mayhem
is an Astraea Press website exclusive release. This is a wedding story anthology put together by six of Astraea Press authors to benefit the Governor of Alabama’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, for the hardest hit areas of the state.

Six authors contributed:

Elaine Cantrell, “It All Started with Cinders Malone’s Dress,” based upon A New Dream
Therese Gilardi, “Marriage on Sunset,” based upon Matching Wits with Venus
J.F. Jenkins, “Legend of the Aero Dragon,” based upon The Legend of the Oceina Dragon
Kim Bowman, “The Ballad of Brenda and Willard,” the true story of Kim’s parents’ wedding
J. Gunnar Grey, “The Lilies at Laura’s Wedding,” based upon Deal with the Devil
Kay Springsteen, “Camp Wedding,” based upon Heartsight

So, weddings…they never seem to go out of style, do they? This was a big year for weddings just because of Prince William and Princess Catherine…did you catch the ceremony? Check out her dress?  Her bouquet?

According to the royal press release, “The bouquet is a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth. The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers.”

But what else did Princess Catherine’s bridal bouquet mean?

Hyacinth  – loveliness, prayer
Lily-of-the-valley – return of happiness
Myrtle – Lovve
Sweet William – smile

In past years, tradition dictated what the bride would carry based on the meanings of the flowers. Some of the more well-known flowers being roses (differing colors for roses meaning different things). Some of the more common or well-known flowers included in bridal bouquets and their meanings include:
Blue Violets – Faithfulness, a promise.
Forget-Me-Nots – True love.
Gardenias – Joy, laughter together, and wonderful memories.
Daisy – Innocence, purity, and simple joys
Ivy – Marital strength, fidelity, and commitment
White Lily – Purity, virginity and innocence
Cala Lilly – Magnificence, beauty, and stately glory
Tiger Lily – Wealth and pride
Myrtle – Love forever, and lasting marriage
Peony – Happy life and marriage
Lily of the Valley – Happiness and humility before God
Orange blossoms – Fertility and eternal love
Orchids – Beauty, exotic adventure together, and refinement
Roses – Love
Violet – modesty
Freesia – Innocence
Baby’s breath – Fruitfulness and reward for a happy union
Daffodil – Modest regard

And bridal bouquets aren’t just white anymore! For the more festive approach, a wide array of colorful flowers is available. Basically, it’s Bride’s Choice.

For the superstitious bride, there are a few flowers that have been avoided in the past.
Marigold – Cruelty and jealousy
Narcissus – Narcissism and ego
Oleander – Proceed with caution
Petunia – Resentment and anger
Sweetpea – Departure and goodbye
Rosebuds – Pure innocence, as in a child
Larkspur – Fickleness
Hyacinth – Rashness
Geranium – Stupid ideas, folly

So if you’re about to get married and your cheeky baby sister hands you a bouquet of hastily picked marigolds and geraniums from your mother’s garden basket, you might want to check out her motives.  You may also want to rethink a decision to carry any of the poisonous plants such as foxglove and hemlock. But even if you like some of these “questionable” flowers, all the experts day don’t despair – use them anyway because the most important thing is that the bride be happy with the bouquet she carries.

One Astraea Press author, J. Gunnar Grey, told me a cute story about her wedding. In her words:

John and I had one planning session for our big outdoor wedding and decided to elope. We told Mama. Nobody else. We snuck off from work one lunchtime and got the license, planning to get married that Saturday afternoon, private ceremony with a justice of the peace. That evening was the local Bobbie Burns supper and we already had tickets.

Saturday John put on his kilt, I put together a pseudo-Scots outfit and met him at his apartment. We were on our way out the door when John realized I didn’t have any flowers. Ever the gentleman, he reached over to his glass-topped table and yanked the plastic ones from the vase. I laughed too hard to argue; it was such classic thoughtful John.

That night at the Burns supper, the master of ceremonies found out the reason I was carrying the flowers (and grinning from ear to ear). He then announced our wedding from the podium, saying that only a Scotsman would arrange a wedding reception with seven hundred guests . . . and manage for every one of them to pay their own way.

Yeah, we’ve still got the flowers.

You may have noticed J. Gunnar and John in the wedding pictures featured on Kim Bowman’s blog during your crawl. For those who are married, what did YOU carry? For those who are not yet married, what do you think will be included in your bouquet? Post a comment on each blog in our blog party for a chance to win a fabulous prize package from Astraea Press authors.

Purchase your copy of Matrimonial Mayhem from Astraea Press today. Hope you left a comment at each blog along your blog hop for a chance to win the grand prize. If you forgot or if you started at this blog, you can start all over at the Astraea Press blog.

Happy Mother’s Day Sunday Six

This Six is taken from Camp Wedding, my contribution to the upcoming charity anthology, Matrimonial Mayhem, an Astraea Press website exclusive, with 100% of the proceeds slated to benefit victims of the killer tornadoes in Alabama. Many people don’t consider how hard Mother’s Day might be on military families–not just for obvious reasons for deployed moms, but for moms who are alone with their children because dads have been deployed.  And for moms whose sons and daughters are in harm’s way. The Homecoming Fence at Camp Lejeune is more than a welcome home to returning troops–it is a tribute to those troops and to their families, who have kept the home fires burning while their loved ones have been away helping to keep the world a safer place. God Bless Our Military and Our Military Families! Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially our Military Moms.


“Look at all that. I forgot what it was like to see Homecoming Fence,” murmured Margaret, her gaze on the long chain link fence lining the road.

The six-foot tall fence was covered in all manner of welcome home messages from small signs to tie-dyed sheets bearing the names of the loved ones who would be arriving from deployment. Trish chuckled at the cardboard sign with its message spelled out in blue diapers: It’s your turn, Lance Corporal Henson. Your SON can’t wait to meet you! Then she sobered as her mind drifted to what it must have been like with Dan’s last homecoming, when he hadn’t returned to Camp Lejeune but to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, blinded by an IED and facing an uncertain future.

Click here for more Sunday Six

Stay tuned for updates about the release date for Matrimonial Mayhem and how your purchase will help storm victims in Alabama.

And there is still time to benefit the USO with a purchase of Heartsight from Astraea Press – $2 donation with every purchase made at Astraea Press website through June 1.

Latest review of Heartsight.

Mother’s Day Moment from Camp Wedding

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to share a mom and daughter moment from my upcoming release in  Matrimonial Mayhem, the Astraea Press wedding anthology. My contribution is called Camp Wedding, and is the story of Dan and Trish’s wedding (Heartsight, February 2011). One hundred percent of the proceeds from this anthology, an Astraea Press website exclusive, will benefit the storm victims in the hard-hit areas of Alabama, through the Governor’s Faith and Community Based program. This will be a direct donation to the victims of last week’s terrible storms. And now, please enjoy an excerpt from Camp Wedding:

“Mama!” Bella pulled on Trish’s dress. “Daddy can’t see you. How will he know you’re pretty?”

“Remember we’ve talked about it, sweetie? Daddy sees differently than you and me.” Trish drew a hairbrush through Bella’s soft blonde hair. “Daddy knows what things look like because he can feel them.”

Bella turned a solemn face upward to regard Trish. She used her hand to push up her pink-framed eyeglasses. “But how does he know what color it is?”

“Hmm.” Trish paused in mid stroke. “That’s a tough question. I suppose we’ll have to tell him.” She pointed at the dress. “What does the color make you think of, Bella?”

Bella frowned at the dress for a moment. Then her face cleared and a sunny smile burst forth. “It’s like my big shiny shell, Mama!”

Trish stared. Indeed, the dress was almost the same color of blush pink as the inside of the conch shell Dan’s sister had sent Bella from her childhood collection. “Then when we get married, that’s what we’ll tell him the color is, okay? But let’s keep it a secret until then.” She kissed her daughter on top of the head.


Other authors  you will enjoy in this anthology:  Elaine Cantrell, Therese Gilardi, J.F. Jenkins, Kim Bowman, and J. Gunnar Grey.

More from these fine Astraea Press authors may be found here.  Remember, Astraea Press specializes in Mom-friendly reading (Grandma and the teens, too!) – What a great Mother’s Day present – a Kindle loaded with lots of the latest e-books by Astraea Press authors. And watch for Matrimonial Mayhem to be released this month.

For moms, what was your favorite Mother’s Day gift to receive? For kids, what Mother’s Day gift was the most fun to give?

As Mother’s Day Approaches

I remember as a kid in third grade making this huge Mother’s Day card out of construction paper – the long kind folded into a “book,” with lots of pages inside and each page a picture I’d drawn or colored throughout the year, or something I’d written and turned in. The teacher was pretty resourceful to have saved the special things we’d done over the year in her class, knowing how much a mother loves to save such grand things. I was so proud of that “card/book,” and even more so when my mom hugged me and told me how much she loved it. I remembered that so much that when my own kids were small, I saved their school things and art work and helped them make the same little booklets for their grandmothers. My mom not only remembered where I had gotten the idea from – some twenty years later, she pulled out my Mother’s Day card from that year. She’d kept it with her most prized possessions.  It really is the little things that count – the small gestures that show our love.

Camp Wedding (the story of the Heartsight characters’ wedding) will be released soon as part of the Astraea Press anthology, Marry Mayhem, the proceeds from which are being donated to the relief effort in Alabama. In Camp Wedding, you will be able to read about one daughter’s great love for her mother and new father – so great she stops the wedding while she expresses it.

In the meantime, Heartsight is still available from Astraea Press, in print and for Kindle at Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble.

I’d love to hear about your Mother’s Day memories – either as a mom or as a child. Please share your memories here: