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Hop back to yesteryear with a romance set in Regency England. Want to win some ebooks? It’s not complicated! Just comment below for a chance to win (via Random.org drawing) your choice of either my Christmas Regency The Toymaker, or A Lot Like a Lady or Something Like a Lady, written by Kim Bowman and myself.


TheToymaker 453x680

He was a duke who wanted to be a toymaker. She fell in love with a toymaker but her parents wanted her to marry a duke.

A Lot Like A Lady High 453x680

Which will win? Love….? Or duty?

SomethingLikeaLady 453x680(1)

Sometimes it’s just not possible to be a lady. Especially when lemons are on the table.

And while we’re here, take a gander at these other Regency Romances you might enjoy. The winner of the prize above will also receive a choice of any one of these fine Regency Romances.




But that’s not all! From my contemporary back list, you may also choose one of these:

Heartsight 300 x 480Heartsent 300 x 450LifelineEchoesElusiveEchoes

That’s THREE books of your choosing! Good Luck and I hope you’re enjoying the hop!

A huge thanks to my fellow authors Vivian Roycroft and Kim Bowman for contributing to this prize package. Be sure to check out their contribution to the blog. You’ve probably already visited their websites.

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Something Like a Lady on Sweet Saturday

Happy Sweet Saturday!

squeeze_lemonIt’s here! If you’ve been waiting to find out what happened to Annabella, read her story in Something Like a Lady!

Using both hands, Annabella squeezed Seabrook’s neck. At least in her mind, it was his neck she twisted instead of the remains of her very last lemon. But it was so much more satisfying to imagine the infuriating visitor’s neck under her hands. She gave the yellow rind a vicious twist. As the juice dribbled into the goblet of water with pathetic little splashes, the sour smell tormented her nostrils. If she never had another lemon…

She set the depleted rind on the table and paused. The yellow peel performed a slow unfurling, like the sudden bloom of a wild rose on the trellis outside, lending the impression it was somehow still living. She frowned. As revolting as it was, the bit of lemon was all that was left of her edible sustenance. Once she gave it to him, she’d have nothing to eat unless she wanted to consume sticks and bugs.

A quick shake of her head dispelled the notion of starvation. Abby would bring her some food.

Annabella crossed to the window and peered out, but no one strode along the pathway toward Rose Cottage. With a sigh, she returned to the table where she’d been preparing the lemonade for Seabrook.

Her gaze fell on the little silver pot Juliet had tucked into her canvas valise. Annabella had danced with delight when she’d discovered it contained a generous measure of sugar. That had been the only thing to make the lemonade palatable. She reached for the container. The silver had gone black with tarnish. Wherever Juliet had pilfered the sugar pot from, it hadn’t seen use in some time. When she lifted the lid to discover only half of the white sugar remained, Annabella’s spirits fell a bit. If she added a pinch to his lemonade, she’d have less for herself. Shouldn’t she save the confection for her own use? After all, she hadn’t invited him into her home.

Still… The lemonade would be quite bitter without it.

Of course, she wouldn’t be drinking it, so why should that matter to her? She started to set the lid in place but paused with her hand hovering over the sugar bowl. It would be truly horrid to offer him just lemon dripped into water with no sugar to cut the tartness. Adding just one pinch would help. And maybe it would improve his insufferable disposition to boot.

All the sugar in the world won’t sweeten that one.

A smile tugged at her lips. Well, she didn’t have all the sugar in the world, but maybe enough… The smile blossomed and her mood lifted as she set the lid on the table and picked up the sugar bowl. Humming to herself, she upended the pot and tipped the contents into the goblet then picked up a spoon and gave a hearty stir.


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