Authors Are Talking About Summer!

What are our guesting writers saying about summer? Do any of them have something in common with you?

Delia Latham ~ Where do you prefer to swim: lakes, pools or the ocean?

My mother always told me not to get in the water until I learned how to swim, and I was nothing if not an obedient child. LOL Unfortunately, obeying that dictate didn’t lend itself well to learning to swim…therefore, I prefer to swim in a wading pool.

Joanne Troppello ~ Do you live close to the ocean? Do you have a favorite beach you used to visit as a child?

I don’t live close to the beach, but as a child we lived about 2 ½ hours away. We used to go to Island Beach State Park as a child. I enjoy going to the beach. We live about the same distance away from the beach now so when we do get to go, it’s a treat.

Anne K. Albert ~ Where do you prefer to swim: lakes, pools or the ocean?

Pools because I know what’s in them, I can see all the wildlife.


Stacy Juba ~ Do you wear sunscreen? Do you like tanning or just enjoy being in the sun, but get easily burned?

I always wear sunscreen and make sure that my family wears it. I write newsletter articles for the Melanoma Education Foundation, so I know how important sunscreen is.  We never stay on the beach more than an hour, and if we’re out all day sightseeing or walking somewhere, we apply sunscreen throughout the day.

Heather Haven ~ Where do you prefer to swim: lakes, pools or the ocean?

I’m a pool girl. I like the cement under my feet. I KNOW what’s in the ocean. Been there. Done that. Got the nibble.

Killarney Sheffield ~ Beach or the mountains…which do you prefer? Mountains.

Annette Snyder ~ Do you live close to the ocean?

We lived in Houston for several years when the kids were babies.  We frequented Galveston because going to the beach was a cheap outing.

Elaine Marie Cooper ~ Do you like to waterski, go kayaking, boating or do you prefer relaxing on the beach with a good book?

You would find me sipping a cold drink and wiping the sand off a great book while beach lounging!

Julie Lence ~ Where do you like to go on vacation?

Since I live in the west, I do like to travel into the mountains where it’s quiet and the scenery is breathtaking. Our neighbors own a motel near a lake and we like to go there for a few days and sit around the campfire at night roasting marshmallows. I also enjoy touring the old western towns and gift shops for my next take home treasure. Every couple of years, we head back to New York to visit family and friends. On our next visit there, the kiddie wants to go to New York City and see all of the sights.

Elaine Cantrell ~ Do you like to go on picnics?

Love them!  My entire family takes several picnics each year.  Our last one was at Easter.  We go to Table Rock State Park and eat, talk, feed the ducks, and row on the lake.

Wend Petzler ~ Beach or the mountains…which do you prefer?

Beach! I’m always going up to the mountains. I love the ocean more.

Gabrielle Bisset ~ Beach or the mountains…which do you prefer?

I’m a beach girl all the way.  I love water and sand, and the beach is always warmer than the mountains.

Cher Green ~ Do you like to go on picnics?

I’ve actually never been on a picnic, but it sounds delightful.

JoAnn Durgin ~ Beach or the mountains…which do you prefer?

I love flying over the mountains, but much prefer sitting on the beach. I’ve seen the Alps up close and personal, and the grandeur was unbelievable. I truly saw God’s workmanship. But I was praying to the Lord the entire time – traveling those narrow little roads on a huge, heavy tour bus can be unsettling. Especially when they instruct everyone to lean one way or the other going around a curve. You really hold on for dear life. And pray the driver is in excellent health! So, beaches. Final answer.

So whose answer do YOU most identify with?

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