Sweet Saturday Sample!

There’s still time to pick up a copy of Matrimonial Mayhem for $2.50 – all profits will benefit the Governor of Alabama’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, for the hardest hit areas of the state during the April 2011 tornadoes. There are six stories by six different Astraea Press authors.

From Camp Wedding in Matrimonial Mayhem

Trish checked the rearview mirror and saw Bella had fallen asleep. She’d polished off two slices of pizza as well as her hand-­dipped ice cream before drifting off, and her mouth sported the ring of chocolate to prove the latter.

Dan, on the other hand, stirred restlessly in his seat, and though she couldn’ʹt see his eyes behind his glasses, Trish knew he was awake and something was on his mind. Actually, she had something on her own mind.

ʺYou know, Chaplain Higgins had a point.”

Dan rolled his head lazily in Trish’s direction. “Oh? What would that be?”


Dan sat up straight. “What about children?” His voice sounded panicked. “Are you pregnant?  Geez, Trish, we only did it  . . . um, correct me if I’ʹm wrong, but we never did it.”

Trish risked a glance in Dan’s direction and laughed outright at his cheeky grin. “Yet,” she felt compelled to remind him. “And you know what I mean. Do you want kids?”

“Ah, maybe I’m pointing out the obvious here, but I seem to have acquired one.” He gestured behind them. “She’ʹs riding in the back seat. If I don’ʹt want kids, things are gonna get pretty awkward.”

Trish giggled. “Is it the sugar from your milkshake or what? You are impossible to have a serious conversation with! Do you want more children?”

Komen Race for the Cure Sunday – here’s how you can help!

Heartsight:  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Matrimonial Mayhem (Charity anthology):  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble



8 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Sample!

  1. Jennifer Lowery~Writer says:

    Wonderful sample! Good luck with raising money for people hit by tornadoes, well wishes and prayers sent their way 🙂

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