December 17, 2011 Sweet Saturday Sample

Sorry for the redirct! Hope you enjoy this sample from my latest release Operation: Christmas Hearts.

From “the bumper boat scene”:

As they left the go-cart track, Nick aimed them at the adjacent attraction.

Ashley balked. “Bumper boats? You’re insane if you think I’m getting in one of those.”

Nick jammed his hands against his ribs and flapped his elbows while he clucked like a chicken.

“You did not just call me a chicken.” She gave him a little shove backward.

“Nope.” Nick shook his head. “I didn’t call you anything.” But he clucked again.

Ashley sent him a one-eyed squint and he laughed softly, knowing he was about to get his way.

“Fine. Come on, you.”

Nick could only smile as he allowed Ashley to drag him in the direction he’d wanted to go all along. They each chose a rubber-edged pedal-boat and climbed in. Nick hadn’t even settled before he felt the stream of water from the water gun on Ashley’s boat score a direct hit on his rear end. With a grin tugging his mouth upward, he bided his time, adjusted his seat, then maneuvered his boat into the perfect position and cut loose. His aim was dead-on accurate and he got her right in the center of her forehead.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Return to the Sweet Saturday Samples blog.


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