How I First Ran Across Rachel Van Dyken

So, when I was first working as  a freelance editor for Astraea Press, Stephanie Taylor senEveryGirlDoesItcoverds me a book to edit called Every Girl Does It. Well, at the time, I ended up getting tied up with other work and I wasn’t going to be able to get to that book, so Stephanie gave it to someone else. (Rats! I missed out on that one!). But then, one day, Stephanie asked if I could make galley corrections to a book (galley corrections are the author’s final minor touch-ups, typo corrections, etc.). I opened the file and found myself drawn back to Regency England as a young couple searched for duck ponds and found love. I found myself so caught up reading The Ugly Duckling Debutante that I had to keep going back to insert the corrections when I found myself pages ahead of where I was supposed to be.

TheUglyDucklingDebutanteNewI think I knew right then that Rachel would “make it,” and I’m happy to say I was right! Go Rachel! Congratulations on your recent success! To help celebrate, I’m giving away a Kindle or Barnes & Noble or Kobo or Smashwords version of ANY ONE of Rachel’s books and any one of my own books. Just Check out our Amazon author pages to see what you might win and then leave a comment below. Two winners will be chosen at random.

Rachel Van Dyken’s books.

Kay Springsteen’s books. Like a Lady series

TheToymaker 453x680

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Let’s link!

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15 thoughts on “How I First Ran Across Rachel Van Dyken

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    It must give you a real sense of pride, knowing you’ve been instrumental in Rachel’s success! We’re all so thankful for the work you do, Kay. Hope you take some time to enjoy the party.

  2. jeff7salter says:

    It’s so cool to be involved in the early stages of development of somebody who later becomes a star. Whether that’s in music, writing, art, business, media, public service, military … or whatever. It gives you a warm feeling to remember when you intersected (and likely influenced) that individual.

  3. Heather Gray (@LaughDreamWrite) says:

    The Ugly Duckling Debutante is the book where I first heard about Astraea Press. The tagline in the back of the book “Pure. Fiction.” caught my attention, so I went to their website and checked them out. In doing so, I realized that I’d read other books by them. I was so impressed, in fact, that I ultimately ended up submitting my own manuscript. So, “Woo-hoo Rachel!” for bringing us all together. 😉

  4. Liz Riggs says:

    I won a paperback copy of The Ugly Duckling Debutante on a blog hop so I decided to go check out the sample on Amazon. The only problem was I couldn’t stop reading, I ended up buying the kindle version and reading well into the night! From there I’ve been hooked. Rachel certainly deserves this!

  5. Gunnar says:

    It’s so much fun, collecting all these stories about Rachel. Thanks to Kay for another contribution, and CONGRATS AGAIN TO RACHEL!

  6. Crystal says:

    I am so happy and excited for Rachel! It is wonderful to read about how everyone knows her and what a great person she is! Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I have really enjoyed your Operation Christmas Hearts novel!

  7. Donna says:

    Kay, it is interesting to read how each of you know Rachel. Thanks for the give away and for sharing your stories.
    Donna at MoreThanaReview dot com.

  8. shadowluvs2read says:

    Hi! I love Rachel! Her books are so good! I cant get enough of them! I love that she puts them out so fast! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and being apart of this great hop!

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