Sweet Saturday Sample


Coming this spring in e-pub! Something Like a Lady!


“Lady Annabella,” whispered the girl when she found her voice. “I thought you was in London.”

“Get out!” Heat rushed to her face. Had the maid seen her outburst? Annabella narrowed her eyes and stalked toward the startled girl. “I said, get out! I am not here.”

The maid’s jaw dropped. “B-but m-m’lady. Ye’re standing right in front o’ me.”

Was the girl dense? Exasperated, Annabella blew out a breath. “Well then, you don’t see me!”

The girl opened her mouth and looked like she would argue but then clamped her lips shut. “Yes, m’lady,” she muttered, casting her eyes downward.


7 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Sample

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