Light a Candle in your Heart

Sadness prevails only when we allow it to take up residence in our lives – when it becomes the focus of our minds and hearts.

Anger leads only when we give up the reins of our life, when we become people who REACT by lashing out instead of  ACTING by reaching out a hand in love.

Fear runs our lives only when we give it permission to whisper its poison into our ears and then pay those whispers the utmost attention.

But hope – HOPE is that undying song that emerges from the darkest reaches of our sad, angry, and scared imaginings to blossom into happiness when we water and fertilize that part of us which WANTS desperately to believe that goodness can still be found in the world.

Sometimes,  hope needs a candle to help see its way clear of our darkest hours. I pray everyone will join me in lighting the candle of hope in our hearts, that we will reach out our arms in loving embrace of those who have suffered unimaginable loss through violence.


In caring memory of all those who lost their lives in Sandy Hook Elementary School.


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