Sweet Saturday Before Thanksgiving!

I’ve been very fortunate my entire life to have the love of my family. Though it has changed over the years – grown and reduced and grown again – I am grateful to always find myself surrounded by family I love, knowing that they also love me. What about you all? What are you most thankful for?

I was going to delight you with a bit more of my contemporary work in progress, but since my full length Regency romance The Toymaker  was JUST RELEASED, I thought I’d give just one more little snipped! Only 99 cents!     Amazon  <><><><> Barnes & Noble

Ivy stared at Phillip’s stricken face. Of course, she could prevaricate, or perhaps delay answering so as to spare him, but she could tell from the haunted expression in his eyes that he already knew.

“Yes,” she said simply, following his gaze.

Even from across the room, Jenny’s happiness was a beacon of light. She held her wooden horse out, and Harriet Williams stroked the back, a sweet smile etched into her wrinkled face.

“I was coming to tell you an extra child had been sent from Meadowview — they hadn’t expected Jenny to be well enough, but at the last minute the nurse decided she should come along.” Ivy shrugged. In the shadow of Phillip calling her magical, the truth was rather dull. “I simply feared you would run out of gifts.”

A weak smile teased his lips upward. “This is the last time I’ll be caught short, that much I can promise. Thank you for your rescue in my moment of need.”

Ivy looked down to hide her smile. He’d likely bring scores extra to every future occasion.

“It seemed the least I could do, considering your daring rescues of me of late.” Oh, how she wished she had daring of her own… to reach out and take Phillip by the hand, to acknowledge her affection for him in front of her guests. She started to raise her hand, hesitated, moved it again. Just lift it a bit more.

“What will become of her? Of them?” The sadness woven through his words tugged at Ivy’s heart.

Oh, how she longed to lie again, but this was one truth she couldn’t deny. “Howard might do well. A family needing a strong son might take him in. Their brother… If a childless couple seeks a baby, he might do well.”

“And — Jenny?”

Ivy turned to meet his gaze, to be certain he understood her answer. “She’s very small and fragile. Miss Hortense tells me she’s frequently taken with a fever.” Why did her voice have to shake so? She swallowed but couldn’t force the breath into her lungs. “Without a great deal of charity, she won’t last the winter.”

<><><><>Thank you for dropping by! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Remember the homeless, the ill, people affected by recent disasters, and our military and keep them in your hearts!<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Return to Sweet Saturday Samples


7 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Before Thanksgiving!

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    As usual, you leave us wanting more of this gripping story. What a coincidence that my Christmas hero, another compassionate man with a soft heart for children, is also named Phillip! I’ve got Toymaker tucked away, ready to read. Thanks for sharing.

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