Sweet Saturday Sample/Regency Christmas

Hope you’re enjoying November so far. Not much longer until Christmas!


She couldn’t have said what she expected to find in the toy room — a version of her childhood nursery perhaps, or maybe a windowless storage room, shelves loaded with toys.

As soon as Phillip pushed open the door, Ivy knew she was about to enter an enchanted realm. Red and blue and green points of light frolicked across a plank floor as though they were alive. It took only a quick glance to find the source of the colorful delights. A row of stained glass windows collected sunlight from outside and splashed it into the room.

“It’s magic,” she whispered, awestruck.

Toys quite forgotten, Ivy slipped her hand from Phillip’s arm and stepped into the dancing lights. She did a slow pirouette, watching them change around her as she did. Then she walked slowly toward the three peaked gothic-style windows. How old were the panes? The glass had run and thickened in places but the brilliant color remained strong.

The center window, the largest, showed the Holy Virgin holding the Christ child in a loving maternal embrace. Her cheek rested on his forehead, her eyes were closed, her face a study in pure peaceful bliss. Behind her, with one hand on her shoulder, Joseph, the earthly father of the Savior. She swallowed back the emotion choking her throat. The detail in the scene entranced her.

Above, fitted in the point of the window, a trio of angels watched over the family, while heavenly light spilled from around them to fall onto the stable below. The window to the left showed a procession of shepherds walking in from the fields, some with sheep on their shoulders, others with sheep at their feet. The window on the right showed three men of obvious means on a mission.

“The magi,” whispered Ivy. Again, the detail in the picture made up of bits and pieces of colored glass stole her breath.

“Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar,” murmured Phillip, moving to stand next to her. Ivy had nearly forgotten he was in the room.

Her gaze drifted to the wall. Some of the stone had been chiseled away and shaped, likely to fit the stained glass panes in place — quite recently, too. The builder’s mortar set around the windows was freshly set, with no stains or signs of chipping.

“These are old, but they didn’t start out here.” She placed one hand on the stone wall beneath the center window, enjoying the coolness beneath her palm. “Who did this? Who set them into the wall?”

Ivy turned to regard the tall man next to her. For once she didn’t catch him studying her. Instead, he contemplated the light cavorting across the floor. What was giving it the appearance of moving like that?

“These were a gift, a… legacy from the craftsman who taught me. I brought them with me when I came here.” He lifted his gaze and pinned her with it.

“And… the Duke of Greenbriar allowed this?”

Phillip’s lips twitched and then pulled up into a warm smile. “He said not one word to me on the matter.”


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