Sweet Saturday Samples

Do you have a favorite color? Perhaps a color you know makes you look your best when you wear it? The heroine in my upcoming Christmas Regency The Toymaker apparently does…


Ivy shrugged into her Spencer jacket and ran her fingers along one of the sleeves, swishing through the rich Egyptian blue velvet and smoothing the nap as she went. Her forehead pinched into a sudden frown. Blue again. Surely Madame Duroche had been mistaken. Ivy most certainly did not choose only shades of blue.

She tugged open her wardrobe and peered inside. An ocean’s worth of blue fabric stared back at her. White muslin day dresses boasted powder blue satin ribbons. Shimmery satin gowns in cornflower blue, walking dresses in every hue from the brilliant azure of the sky on a clear summer day to the washed out blue of forget-me-nots at the edge of her favorite glade. Perplexed, Ivy could only stare at the clothing she no longer recognized. Not a dab of sage or a slip of jonquil. Had she really chosen all that blue?

A solitary Spencer jacket in burgundy wool lay folded atop a muslin day dress in deep rose. The gift her mother had brought back with her from Bath only the day before. Ivy ran the tips of her fingers along the collar. The delicate stitches were hardly visible. The garment was quite lovely.

And yet, Ivy had chosen the Egyptian blue.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Sandra Nachlinger says:

    I guess each of us is drawn to a certain color — maybe a hue that people have repeatedly said looks good on us. But wearing only one color seems extreme. I wonder why she only wears blue and why she just now realized that? I’ll read more to find out.

  2. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I inadvertently did that to one of my heroines–always put her in green. Well, she was a redhead. LOL I have a good number of blue outfits in my closet too, though not to Ivy’s extent. It’s my favorite color and looks good on me. Perhaps that’s her reasoning as well. But it does say something interesting about her character. Well done!

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