Sweet Saturday Samples/Heartfelt

Coming soon! Heartfelt – the story of Dan and Trish and Bella continues.


“I ran a couple of op scenarios.” Dan spoke into his chest and kept his voice low. “I know Edgerton’s keen on sending small units in ahead of everyone else, but I’m not convinced it wouldn’t be better to give a show of force. Maybe send in some recon first but for the major op, bigger might be better… more intimidating.”

Nick shifted and huffed out a breath. “It’s a humanitarian mission.”

Dan drew in a few deep, even breaths as he battled with exactly how much he could tell his old friend without creating a breach in security.

In the end, Nick spared him the agony of the decision. “Oh. I see. Hmm…” He let out a harsh chuckle. “Edgy sure loves his piggyback rides.” He stood. “I think I’ll see if Ashley made it home yet.”

Dan didn’t bother to caution against loose pillow talk. Even if Nick did decide to share that part of his life with Ashley, she’d refuse to listen.

“Say, ah… you might want to catch up to your kid,” said Nick from several yards away. “She and her friend are across the street with Mrs. Schmidt playing with a bunch of kittens.”

“What?” Dan pushed to his feet, startling Jack, who whimpered. “When did that happen?”

“They ran over about the time you were trying to figure out how not to tell me what you didn’t just tell me.” Nick laughed. “Probably spotted the ‘free kittens’ sign the old lady just posted on the split rail fence.”

Kittens? Free kittens? As in ‘these kittens need new homes’ free kittens? Oh, crap no!

“Why didn’t you say something, man?”

“I dunno. Didn’t know I had to,” said Nick, his voice laced with laughter. “The path’s to your right, two steps. Then a left turn and straight on until you reach the road.”

“Come on, Jack.” Dan followed the instructions, feeling with his toe for the raised edge of the asphalt path when the dog stopped, signaling an obstacle. “If Bella brings home a kitten, Trish’ll have my head.”



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