Sweet Saturday Samples/Sneak Peek at Something Like A Lady

A sneak peek at Something Like A Lady (written with Kim Bowman):

April 10, 1813
Haselmere, England

“Drop that this instant, you scoundrel!” Annabella raised the iron cooking pot over her head with both hands and flung it in the direction of the gray rodent that scampered across the floor of the dusty, deserted kitchen. The pot landed with a dull thud about a foot from the mouse and then rolled onto its side. With a hideous squeak, the mouse disappeared behind a work table, dragging the crust of bread with it.

“Oh!” Annabella shrieked with rage as she picked up an iron meat skewer and chucked it like a spear in the direction the filthy rodent had gone. “That was my last bit of bread, you vile creature!”

Silence fell like a blanket. The dust she’d raised in her battle with the little beggar floated in the air and Annabella sneezed.

Oh yes, this is much better than going to London and spending the Season. Starving. Fighting rodents for the last of your food. Lonely. Having to sneak out after dark to get water from the creek to wash. No way to get a message to Juliet. I certainly am teaching my mother and that son of the devil Markwythe a lesson. And poor Juliet must be going quite mad.


Thank you for stopping by! You can pick up the first part of the story, A Lot Like A Lady, for only 99 cents at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) through the end of the month.

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