Reading is Winning

While Astraea Press is having the big, big midsummer blowout sale, I thought I’d run a little contest. Leave a comment here between now and Thursday, July 26, 2012, and you will be automatically entered to win ANY 99-cent Astraea Press e-book of your choice in either Kindle or Nook versions.

All you have to do is finish this sentence by filling in the blank:

When I ____, I always take at least one book.

Three people who fill in the blank will win their choices of one 99-cent e-book from Astraea Press, winner to be chosen by random drawing. Contact information must be provided to qualify. And while you wait, why not peruse the Astraea Press selections! Lots of choices for only 99 cents. Reading…a great way to relax in the summer heat!


19 thoughts on “Reading is Winning

  1. Julie Bruning says:

    When I go anywhere I might be able to catch a few minutes of reading, I always take at least one book!

  2. Denise Z says:

    When I go anywhere, I always take at least one book with me. In fact I am almost never seen without a book and even while driving I have the audiobooks playing. Maybe I am a little obsessed with reading? Nah! Thank you for the fun and making me smile this afternoon. 🙂

  3. Jeanne Theunissen says:

    Whenever I leave the house, I always have a whole library with me, since I have the Kindle app on my iPhone.

  4. Kay Springsteen says:

    Leanne G.
    Julie B.
    Catherine B.
    Denise Z.
    Joselyn V.

    You should have received your winning email tonight. Please get the title to me no later than Tuesday at midnight. Congratulations.

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