Sweet Saturday Samples – Heartfelt

From HEARTFELT (a Heartsight story):

Dan set his laptop on the table in the conference room and took his seat. “At ease,” he murmured to Jack, who promptly sprawled out. “Lazy.” Dan reached down and scratched the German shepherd between his ears.

From across the table came the tinny sounds of snorts and then mini-explosions followed by cheers mixed in with a chorus of “Ow-ow-ow!”

“Nick, what are playing now? It sounds like talking cockroaches.”

The sounds abruptly cut off. “Sorry. It’s just a game APP. I’m hurling birds at pigs.”

Dan opened his mouth but nothing came out as he tried to make sense of what his friend had just said. Finally, he had to ask the obvious question. “Why?”

“Ahh, eye-hand coordination, reflexes, honing trajectory skills?” Nick laughed. “Ashley got me hooked on it.”

“Ashley!” That… was a surprise. “She hates video games.”

Nick’s suggestive chuckle filled the air. “Yeah… exactly. She gets in this zone when she’s working on one of her art projects… and nothing cracks that bubble. Not even the suggestion of a little afternoon delight.”

Now, that Dan understood and he laughed softly. “Trish does the same thing. It’s like she goes off into a world where no one and nothing else exists. I’m convinced it’s all part of being married, son.”

His friend snickered. “I’m way too much of a newlywed to accept that.” He shuffled some papers and coughed slightly. “So I started playing this stupid bird game one day and found the one thing that cracks the bubble and pulls her out of the zone.”

“What? Snorting pigs?”

“Pretty much.” Nick blew out a satisfied sigh. “The sound bothers her and I dare her to make me turn it off, and from there it gets physical. You should try— Sorry, man.”

<><><><> Thank you for reading! Watch for this one Fall. 2012<><><><>

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples – Heartfelt

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I sort of felt the same way when I first heard of Angry Birds. Why are you hurling birds? Makes no sense. LOL Warm scene with nice connection between the characters.

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