Sweet Saturday Samples/Abiding Echoes

Whew! Power outages and 100+ degree weather! NOT recommended, particularly when the storm was so large it swallowed many states with 70 MPH winds and put millions of people out into the heat! One day I might even write about the experience…except I think I killed a few brain cells waiting for the restoration! And of course, the first commercial I saw when I got power back and turned on the TV was for a new show called Revolution – in which the power all over the world goes out for some mysterious reason…

So here’s my awesome cover for Abiding Echoes, scheduled for release July 19!

Love is family…

The McGee family is devastated when their beloved patriarch, Justin, suffers a heart attack. Having lost their mother too soon, Ryan and Sean can only pray for their father’s recovery.

Love is endless…

Justin knows how much his children love and need him, but he’s tired and they have families of their own now. Watching his sons with their wives is bittersweet for him, because it makes him miss his beloved Beth all the more. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t think about her… want to be with her.

Love is timeless…

And suddenly, she’s there. With him, beside him in some strange way he doesn’t understand. But speaking and reminiscing with her about the day they met and how they fell in love seems more real than the heartbroken family holding vigil at his bedside.

Love is abiding…

Justin’s love for Beth has only strengthened over their years apart and he’s longed for the time when he’d see her again. Finally, that time is here. Who has the greater claim on him, his family… his grandchildren… or the love of his life?

Hope you enjoy this brief excerpt:

The crack of rifle fire interrupted the gentle teasing. Justin jerked taller in the saddle, and Zeke shied to the right, bumping into Gypsy. A second shot sounded. With a glance at the other two men, whose faces mirrored his alarm, Justin urged Zeke into a gallop.

They arrived in the stable yard just as another round was fired.

“Behind the house!” he shouted to Jim and Gus. Spurred by pure adrenaline, he jumped from the saddle and grabbed the Winchester from the holster.

On the run, he flipped off the safety and set the bolt on the rifle. He rounded the side of the house and skidded to a stop, just as Beth lifted a Winchester and pointed it at the two tin cans resting on upended logs next to the patio. She squeezed the trigger. A chunk of wood from one of the stumps flew into the air, accompanied by the crack of splintering wood. The can on top of the log shivered but didn’t even fall over. Beth opened the breech, and the spent shell casing flew up and to her right. She pushed the breech forward and rotated down, her movements a tad awkward, but manageable. She lifted the rifle again.

Was she closing her eyes?

She squeezed the round off and the bullet drove into the ground, raising a little cloud of dirt. Beth spat out a curse that singed the air, and Justin lowered his rifle, uncocking it and flipping on the safety. Adrenaline weakened his knees and threatened to explode his heart.

“Not bad. Gettin’ closer.” Mary handed Beth a couple of shells and pointed at the rifle. “Reload it like I showed you.”

“What in heaven’s name are you doing, woman?” bellowed Jim when he arrived at Justin’s side.

Justin gave his dad a quick assessing glance. His face was a little flushed and his breathing a touch heavy, but other than that he seemed all right.

“Teaching Beth how to shoot,” said Mary without looking up, her voice calm and resolute. She stepped back and motioned for her student to continue.

Mesmerized, Justin could only watch as Beth set the safety, opened the breech, and ejected the spent shell casing. One by one, she slid the cartridges into the chamber, pressing the last one with her thumb and then closing the bolt. She pulled in a deep breath and released the safety, then raised the rifle to rest against her cheek. When she shut one eye and squinted with the other, Justin cringed.

“She’s aiming too low,” murmured his dad.

“I don’t think she’s aiming at all,” muttered Gus, taking a step backward.

JULY 19! In the meantime, find me on Amazon and check out the first two books in The Echoes of Orson’s Folly series.


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