Sweet Saturday Sample from Heartfelt

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

I just got a contract for Heartfelt, the next in my Military Romance, Heartsight series – visiting some dear old friends…lots of them, actually.

Dan eased a breath out and he steered her toward the kitchen table. “Okay, so let’s sit down and you can tell me what’s up. What’s this about a job offer?”

“Jay’s going to help me by cleaning the rooms during the week and doing some of the cooking,” said Trish brightly. She startled Dan by directing him to the seat Bella usually sat in. Then she settled in her own chair with a lot of grunting and heavy breathing.

“I’m off until school starts again and I’ve been told I’m a fair cook, so I’m happy to help,” said Harris from across the table, apparently occupying Dan’s seat.

“It was a stroke of genius on Ashley’s part to think of Jay when Dr. Peroli told me to take things easier.” Trish squeezed Dan’s hand.

“Pure genius,” Dan found himself agreeing through lips stiffened by his strained attempt at a smile. He’d be certain to thank the little mastermind for being such a good problem solver later.

“And convenient that Jay was at loose ends.” Trish giggled. “Well, convenient for us anyway.”

“Yes… ah… convenient.” He nodded toward the seat across the table. His seat across the table. “Thanks, man.”

“Hey, can’t let Montgomery House close for the summer when I’m right here, ready and able.” Jay laughed softly.

Ready and able, huh? Dan opened his mouth. Closed it again and forced a smile. In the face of his wife’s tangible excitement, it was apparent that suggesting they should shut the B and B down until the baby came wouldn’t go over well. He’d do better to keep his mouth shut.

Even if hiring a man to do Trish’s job did feel weird and uncomfortable.

<><>And if you haven’t read the beginning of this continuing story, Heartsight and Operation: Christmas Hearts are still on sale at Amazon. <><>

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