Sweet Saturday Samples

By the time they reached the front porch, Justin had regained his internal balance. She did that for him. Just being with her made him not want to waste even a second of their precious time together. By some kind of unspoken agreement, they both stopped just outside the front door. In silence they moved into each other’s arms. The kiss started out with gentle caring, but quickly heated. With the slightest pressure of his lips, Beth parted hers, and he sampled her honey-sweet essence. Craving more, needing her with every part of him, Justin slipped a hand beneath the jacket she wore and gripped her along the rib cage. With a soft groan, she bent backward, exposing her neck to his trailing lips.

The porch light flared and she jumped back, pulling from his embrace with eyes somehow wide and blinking at the same time. “What happened? What is that?” She stared at the yellow bulb as though just learning about electricity.

Justin chuckled. “That’s my mom keeping her promise to your dad and looking out for your virtue.”

“My virtue?” Beth turned her blinking gaze onto him. “My virtue was in danger?”

Justin offered a shrug. “Getting there. Definitely getting there.”

A slow grin spread across Beth’s face. “Fa-ar out…”

<><><>Abiding Echoes<><><>

Love is family…
The McGee family is devastated when their beloved patriarch, Justin, suffers a heart attack. Having lost their mother too soon, Ryan and Sean can only pray for their father’s recovery.
Love is endless…
Justin knows how much his children love and need him, but he’s tired and they have families of their own now. Watching his sons with their wives is bittersweet for him, because it makes him miss his beloved Beth all the more. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t think about her… want to be with her.
Love is timeless…
And suddenly, she’s there. With him, beside him in some strange way he doesn’t understand. But speaking and reminiscing with her about the day they met and how they fell in love seems more real than the heartbroken family holding vigil at his bedside.
Love is abiding…
Justin’s love for Beth has only strengthened over their years apart and he’s longed for the time when he’d see her again. Finally, that time is here. Who has the greater claim on him, his family… his grandchildren… or the love of his life?


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