Memorial Day Weekend Sweet Saturday Samples

In honor of our military personnel on Memorial Day, I’ve chosen just a little teaser from the Heartsight Series – this is from Operation: Christmas Hearts – but is from one of the scenes that takes place in May. 

The roar and crash of the surf gradually crowded back into Ashley’s awareness and she stretched. The sun wasn’t as warm. Or as bright. It must have gone behind one of the clouds that had been on the horizon earlier. Shuffling sounds in the sand nearby let Ashley know she wasn’t alone. Bella and Trish had probably returned from their walk.

“Did you find anything pretty, sweetie?” she asked the little girl without opening her eyes.

“Yep, darlin’, I did,” murmured a deep voice. “And if I’d known mermaids sunbathed here, I’d have volunteered for beach patrol years ago.”

Ashley’s eyes flew open to the vision of a pair of white athletic shoes filled with sports crew socks that led to well-shaped male shins. She looked up the muscular bare legs to the black running shorts and then up…and up…and up along a bare chest with a fine sheen of sweat… This had to be the tallest, leanest, fittest body she’d ever seen. She raised a hand to block the sun and continued her appraisal. A strong jaw, clean-shaven. A grin, flirty but not leering. Short sandy-brown hair. Hazel eyes glimmered down at her, crinkled at the edges as though in silent laughter.

“Hello, handsome,” she murmured with a smile. And hello, Summertime.

<><><><>Operation: Christmas Hearts BLURB<><><><>

Ashley Torrington never cared much about Christmas before. But this year she’s having a particularly blue holiday because Marine Special Operations Team member, Nick Turner got under her skin just before he was deployed to Afghanistan. With her neighbors’ precocious daughter Bella volunteering Ashley for a special project at school, and a mysterious white-haired stranger named Estelle in town buying gifts from Ashley’s shop, not to mention the odd assortment of presents Ashley’s been receiving from an anonymous source, she shouldn’t have time to worry about her guy. But when he and his team go missing the week before Christmas, she realizes only a Christmas miracle will reunite them.

Captain Nicholas Turner never backed down from challenges—on the battlefield or in his personal life. But he’d never met a challenge like Ashley, who doesn’t want to be anyone’s “girl back home.” Now he’s on the other side of the world, wanting to be anywhere but in Afghanistan for Christmas. About to embark on one of the most dangerous missions of his life, he needs Ashley to know she’s much more than the girl he’d left behind, and he does plan to come home to her. But in the meantime, a little Christmas magic would be appreciated. Little does he know, he’s about to get his wish.

For Memorial Day weekend only, e-versions of Operation: Christmas Hearts and the story that started it all, Heartsight, are on sale for just 99 cents each. Click the picture below to go to my Amazon page for more information: 

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3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Sandy Nachlinger says:

    In both your sample and mine, the heroine is looking up-up-up at the hero! Guess we both like tall guys. I enjoyed your beach scene — nicely written with enough description to make me feel like I was there. You also did a great job of portraying that drowsy, languid feeling that comes from dozing on the sand. It felt like summer.

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