Abiding Echoes on Sweet Saturday Samples

It’s finished and under contract! Hopefully you’ll see it this summer. Abiding Echoes, Justin and Beth’s sweet love story.

“Justin, come look at the sky!”

Justin strolled over to the blanket and sat, taking care to keep to the edge without being obvious. He’d seen the stars over Wyoming many times while sleeping out on the trail during roundups. But as he eased onto his back and allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness, he took on a new appreciation for the vastness of the sky.

Beth rolled onto her back again with a sigh and began to speak in a soft voice. “Back home, we have too many city lights, so we only see a few stars. I can’t imagine being able to walk outside any night to look up and see this view. It’s like holes in a curtain…or maybe a comfortable old blanket with little pieces of heaven shining through.”

Justin’s heart did a little flip-flop and he concentrated on slowing his breathing. “Do you reckon someone’s out there looking back on us as we’re looking at them?”

Beth shifted back onto her side and propped herself on one elbow. Her hair shone pale in the dim moonlight. “As big as the universe is, I can’t believe we’re the only ones here. But if they are looking at us? I wonder if they think Earth is really all that interesting.”

Justin rolled over and propped his head on one arm so they faced each other. He knew something on Earth that interested him. Or rather someone.

Beth moved closer and Justin stopped breathing while she arranged herself on her back against his side. “See the Big Dipper?”

She pointed into the sky and he tried to follow her gesture. Finally, with a helpless shake of the head, he gave up, wishing he’d at least learned how to find a couple of constellations while he’d been out on the cattle drives.

Beth picked up his hand, holding it with the back against her palm. She nudged his forefinger apart and used it to draw an imaginary line in the sky. “See that bright star there?”

Following the line of his arm as Beth held it, Justin surprised himself by picking up a star that was definitely brighter than others around it. “Yeah.” He nodded, excitement taking over. “Yeah, I do!”

Beth gave Justin’s hand a quick squeeze. “That’s Dubhe. It’s part of the cup on the Big Dipper. So if you follow a line down, the next bright star almost underneath it? That’s Merak. And then move across…this way…” She drew the line with his hand. “You’ll see Phecda. Then up a little to Megrez, over to Alioth, to Mizar, and a little bit down to Alkaid. See it?”

He did. Quite clearly. Lightness eased into his heart for the first time in months and he laughed. “It’s a little like playing connect the dots, isn’t it”

She laughed with him, and then began pointing to other stars, naming the ones she knew, making up outrageous names for the ones she didn’t.

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3 thoughts on “Abiding Echoes on Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Sandra Nachlinger says:

    Beautiful scene. People who have lived in cities all their lives and never spent an evening far from city lights have no idea what they’re missing. You did a great job of describing just how spectacular the evening sky can be.

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