Sweet Saturday Sample from New WIP!


Bella’s laughter filtered through the headset plugged into Dan’s laptop and he paused the program that had been reading to him. The Internet version of the AP wire could wait. Dan slipped the Earbuds off and laid them on the table.

“What’s so funny?” he asked the nearly eight-year-old.

“Mama’s tummy. It’s moving.”

He couldn’t help it. The grin spreading over his face wouldn’t be denied. It happened the same way whenever he thought about the baby. They’d about given up hope of ever having one and then bam! Out of the blue a Christmas miracle.

Well, Bella was convinced it was anyway. The miracle part Dan couldn’t deny, given the grim prognosis for future progeny handed to them by every one of the top specialists they’d seen. And he supposed it was a Christmas miracle, considering that was when they’d found out about the little guy.

“Oh!” Trish squealed. “I think he’s dancing a jig this morning.”

“Here.” She touched Dan on the forearm, then lifted his hand and pulled it across her abdomen.

The soft cotton top stretched tightly over her growing abdomen. Had she grown that much just overnight? He added his other hand and cradled her belly.

Nothing happened.

“Huh!” Trish laughed. “It’s so weird how he calms down whenever you tough him.”

Dan concentrated on not frowning. Because the fact was he wasn’t touching the baby. Only Trish’s rounding belly. Other people got to see his acrobatics but not him. And except for one time when the baby had first kicked, Dan hadn’t felt anything either.

“Hello? Hello?” He moved one thumb back and forth next to Trish’s belly button. “Are you in there, Little Boy Blue?”

Bella giggled. “That is not—his name.”

Dan chuckled and dropped his hands. “It will be if we don’t agree on what we’re going to call him.”

Time enough to feel his son move. After all, he was due in just under a month.

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