Sweet Saturday Sample!

From brand new work in progress, A Life Like Jack’s, planned charity release. Dedicated to rescued dogs everywhere.

“Mom! Come quick! Amy had her puppies in the basement!” shouted Tiffy up the steps.

“Of course she did,” Carol muttered with a groan. “Because it would be too convenient for me if she had them up here.” She stood, balancing on one foot while she stretched her left arm for the bright blue cane leaning against her desk.

Taking care not to get her feet tangled up with the cane, Carol limped to the basement stairs and negotiated them one painstaking step at a time. A little breathless when she reached the bare cement floor at the bottom, she took a second to get adjusted to the dim lighting as she looked for her twelve-year-old daughter. She located Tiffy kneeling next to the white oval laundry basket. Most of her untamable chocolate colored hair escaped the thick blue elastic band at her neck to form a riot of curls that danced when she bounced up and down on her knees.

“She has two babies and they both look like her!”

Leaning heavily on her cane,  Carol limped across the floor, a little leery. More sweet babies to fall in love with only to have to give them up to good homes after eight short weeks. In Tiffy’s twelve years, they’d never had a pet of any sort. The timing had never seemed right, and the responsibility of taking care of a child had seemed enough. Until poor Amy had shown up under their back deck, that was. Too skinny, yet obviously pregnant, shivering in the chill of a late spring thundershower. Tiffy hadn’t asked. Not out loud anyway. But those eyes of hers, those mocha pools of pure emotion, had begged without words.

The white and black terrier had merely lain where Tiffy had found her, trembling, her own coffee-colored eyes so perfectly matching the child’s not begging, not showing much expression at all beyond grim resignation.

It hadn’t taken long once they’d let her inside and fed her, for Tiffy and the newly dubbed Amy to become tight friends. But now Amy had presented them with two more bouncing bundles of joy, and Carol worried it would be hard for Tiffy to give them up when they were weaned.

One of the little white and black pups nuzzled Amy and the mother dog gave the tiny head a lick. Then she started panting and began straining.

Make that three bouncing babies to find homes for. Carol sighed.

Amy gave a mighty push and a dark puppy slid into the world. The mother quickly took care to give the baby a doggie welcome to the world.

“It’s black,” whispered Tiffy, wrinkling her nose.

“And it looks a lot like Diesel…Miss Dora’s dog,” murmured Carol, picturing the black and very fuzzy male terrier mix.

Tiffy grinned up, her eyes already filled with stars. “Diesel’s a daddy!”

Carol sighed. “Yeah, well, I don’t think we should count on him for child support.”

“He looks kind of funny, Mom…different from the others.”

“Maybe it’s because he’s black.” But Carol frowned and took a closer look. The pup seemed to struggle more than its siblings in the crawl for its mother’s belly, and its hips seemed narrow, making it look more like a teardrop than the oval shape of the other two. The puppy began to suckle with enthusiasm. “I’m sure he’s fine. Look at him eat!”

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Dog lover? Cat lover? If you’re in the market for a new four-footed companion, please consider a trip to your local shelter! If you aren’t looking to add a permanent member to your family, please consider animal foster care…the lives you save may one day touch someone’s heart. Check out one shelter’s Foster Blog and see.

“I know a lot of people are concerned that they will fall in love, and they won’t be able to let go of the animal. Bu if you are really focused on the fact that you’re saving lives, it’s much easier. A little heartbreak on our end is worth it to save their lives,” said Sunshine Richards, the foster coordinator for the Bedford Humane Society. For full story, go here.



7 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Sample!

  1. hoosierprincess says:

    Reblogged this on Animal House and commented:
    Very excited about this book! Ms. Springsteen is writing a wonderful book (based on the excerpt she provides) about animal fostering and will donate some of her proceeds to animal rescue. Can’t wait!

  2. Sandy Nachlinger says:

    What a beautiful scene! I liked the comparison of the child’s brown eyes and the dog’s. Our Rufus is a rescue dog, and we’re so glad he’s a part of our family. I’m looking forward to the anthology.

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