Sweet Saturday Samples

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As they arrived at the truck to retrieve their purchases, Beth flashed another of those smiles that made him want to lasso the moon for her. “What are we cooking for dinner tonight?”

Already reaching into the back of the pickup, Justin halted, a chill rolling over him in a slow delicious wave. His heart slammed against the inside of his chest and he spun around. Dinner? Who cared about food when everything he would ever need stood barely a foot away?

Ravenous for the nourishment only Beth could provide, Justin stepped forward and nudged her into the side of the truck. He slid his hands upward along her arms until he reached her shoulders. Beth’s eyes widened, twin pools that had deepened to a mossy green when her pupils dilated. Her lips parted and she touched the tip of her tongue to them. It was all the invitation Justin needed. Angling his head, he swooped in and devoured her mouth. Tongues met, parried, then hers eased back and he followed with his, not asking for admittance, demanding it.

With a low moan, Beth molded herself to him, the fit so perfect they surely had been made for one another. His body stirred to life, warmth spreading from everywhere they touched and pooling low in his belly. She tasted of sunshine and sweetness. She was clover and he was the bee. When Beth rolled her head back, Justin changed the angle of the kiss, taking them both deeper. He traced a hand over her slender hips, pausing at her waist before skimming the back of his hand up along her rib cage. Beth’s soft moans became whimpers. Justin splayed the fingers of his other hand along her cheek and rubbed his thumb lightly back and forth.Tremors rippled through her and heated awareness flared in her eyes.

Blood roared through Justin’s ears, mimicked by a persistent distant thrumming that swelled and rumbled until it pervaded his whole being, became part of him just before it faded into a low growl at his feet. Beth hooked one leg around his, caressing his calf with her own, and his mind took flight with wild notions of sating the hunger that apparently consumed them both.

Icy wetness splashed across Justin’s forehead and flowed down his cheek, jerking his feet back to the ground. Blue-white lightning writhed across the sky followed quickly by the slow heavy roll of thunder.

“Come on!” Justin grabbed the bags containing their purchases from the back of the truck and snagged hold of Beth’s hand.

Laughing, they raced across the yard to the ranch house, aiming for the closer front door. Once they were under the overhang, Justin turned around to regard the torrents of water pouring straight down from the darkened sky. More shrieks of gaiety gurgled from Beth’s mouth, harmonizing with the pinging rain as it splashed into the brown puddles already dotting the yard. A curtain of water cascaded off the eaves overhead, bubbling and foaming at the base of the porch.

She shook her head, spraying more water from her saturated hair. “Where did that come from?”

Justin squeezed the water from his face with a quick pull of one hand. “It’s been building all day. I thought we’d have a bit of time before it hit.”

“But it was sunny when we went into the barn.”

“Welcome to Wyoming.” Justin pushed open the front door and held it for Beth to precede him inside, his body still tingling at the memory of holding her softness against him.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Mirriam Smyth says:

    Amazing, sensual, breath-taking, scene stealing! LOL I wasn’t expecting the storm part – that was a total scene stealing moment by Mother Nature.

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