Sweet Saturday Sample/A Lot Like A Lady

Coming March 27!

Hands on his hips, Grey surveyed the chit who had shown up on his doorstep six days prior and done nothing but cut up his peace since her arrival. Her golden brown hair had fallen from the elaborate style she’d affected earlier and most of it formed a cloud around her head. In her pale yellow gown, she looked like some sort of garden flower, a bud yet to bloom into its true beauty, lying against the green velvet of his couch. He shifted his stance, acknowledging his thought as further proof that all was not as it had seemed.

“You may as well open your eyes,” he snapped. “We’re quite alone.”

One eyelid fluttered, then slowly opened, followed in quick order by the other. In the firelight, her tawny eyes gleamed the color of soft caramel. Would that her personality be as sweet as those eyes. Impatiently, Grey pushed the thought aside.

She kept her gaze on him as she slid her feet to the floor and slowly came to a demure sitting position with her hands in her lap. But no amount of decorum could hide the fire in her eyes.

“Would you care to explain yourself?” asked Grey.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry. It — it was the dog, you see…” She shrank back into the couch at his quelling glance.

“The dog? The dog addled your brain so you didn’t know how to behave properly at a meal?” Grey folded his arms across his chest lest he take her by the shoulders and shake her. “The dog stole away your taste for those despicable creamed turnips?”

A weak smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “You don’t like them, either?”

“Don’t like them?” Grey sputtered and paused to take a calming breath, but his vexation wasn’t to be contained. “I abhor the dreadful things and you fiendishly well know it, Annabella.”

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