Surprise Party for Stephy Smith

Congratulations to Stephy Smith – not only for her new release but because her first novella was published a year ago and she’s entertained us with several really cool stories between now and then. Well, I’ll let her tell in her own words:

Today is a day of celebration for me. One year ago today my first novella, Lizzie and the Rebel released with Astraea Press. Today my seventh novella, Swim the River released. Let’s take this celebration one-step further and add Women’s History Month. Who can forget the great lives of Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Amelia Earhart, Jane Austin, Willa Cather and many more that came before us to leave their marks in history?  Pioneer women who took the journey with or without their men carved their names in the world armed with only the determination and bravery the held within their own hearts. Check out her books at as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In honor of these celebrations I am going to give away one of each of my novella’s. To enter the drawing send me an email to with ‘contest entry’ in the subject line. If you already have one of my eBooks, please include the title in the body along with your name and email address. Good luck everyone. I look forward to hearing from you!

With the solar storm , I am extending the registration for the drawing. From March 8-11 you will have the chance to enter. One copy of Lizzie and the Rebel, Rescued From the River, Shawnee’s Creek, Sanders Cross, Gentry’s Gallery of Angels, The Long Moon and Swim the River will be awarded on March 12, 2012.

Congratulations, Stephy! And may you add many books to these!


13 thoughts on “Surprise Party for Stephy Smith

  1. jeff salter says:

    Uh … guess it’s no longer a ‘surprise’ party. Since Stephy is already here.
    Did anybody jump out of a cake?
    Congratulations, Stephy … and I hope you keep up that prolific pace.

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