Sweet Saturday Sample 03/03/12

From upcoming release (March 2012)  A Lot Like A Lady, co-written with Kim Bowman:

Juliet set her gaze on the iron fence they walked beside. Small sticks and twigs, casualties of a harsh winter and a spring shower a few days before, littered the ground at the base of the fence and she kicked at them.

But I am a servant, your grace, and I do not know why you haven’t discovered that, or what happened to my letter…but when you find it… She sighed.

“That was a very sad sound, Magpie.” Grey squeezed her hand against his arm.

More unsettled by his compassion than she cared to admit, Juliet pulled her hand from Grey’s arm and bent to pick up a particularly sturdy stick. She caught his frown of confusion from the corner of her eye. One day—soon—he would discover the truth of her identity and send her on her way.

But not today.

She allowed the laughter to bubble forth and took off at a run, ignoring Grey’s startled outcry. She dragged the stick along the iron bars as she ran, unperturbed by the din.

“What the—Magpie what are you doing?”

“I’m not sad, your grace,” she called over her shoulder. “And I wanted you to know it.”

“Really…” He stood with his arms crossed over his chest. “And just how is making such a racket imparting this information? We are standing in front of a cathedral, you realize.”

She whirled around and ran back to him, dragging the stick as she went. Standing in front of him, breathless as much by his nearness as from running, she studied him. Sandy brown hair fell across his eyes. His coat was unbuttoned over his white shirt, which was also unbuttoned at the neck, lending him an uncharacteristically rumpled air. Suddenly, it occurred to her that neither of them had taken care toward being appropriately attired for their impromptu outing. Grey had never looked less like the Sixth Duke of Wyndham…and she’d never found him more attractive.

“Well?” Merriment in his blue eyes belied the sharpness of his question.

Juliet laughed and slid her gaze to the imposing brick and mortar church. “Why…I’m making a joyful noise, your grace.”

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