Romancing the Valentine Winners!

Romancing the Valentine ~~ And the winners of a PDF copy of Operation: Christmas Hearts by Kay Springsteen are…

1.  Jean P.

2.  Ashley

3.  Monica

Assuming your post leads to your email address, winners will be notified by email later today.

Want a little Valentine’s Day fun?  Who can see the hidden picture?Tell me what you see for another chance to win.

Published by

Kay Springsteen

In the wee hours of the morning, I pay the bills by transcribing dictated medical reports. I also edit fiction for two different publishing house. But my true calling is to tell tales of romance. I ... am a writer. Aside from reading and writing fiction, I enjoy photography, hiking, gardening, training my dogs, people watching, and spending time with my family. I'll take a day in the park with my G-baby over a trip to the mall any day!

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