Romancing the Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s week! And welcome to my leg of the blog.

Consider how hard it is for our military personnel to do their jobs, while they spend months, sometimes a year or more, away from their families and loved ones. Consider how spouses and significant others feel knowing the men and women they love are not only far away but very often in harm’s way 24/7. Sure, there is a sense of pride, but there is also fear, sadness, loneliness… And all of these feelings are amplified 100-fold during holidays-all holidays, but especially those which are about family and romance. Enter Valentine’s Day. If you think it’s hard to be single on Cupid’s Day…try being part of a couple who is half a world apart. Please a prayer for our military personnel and military families.

I’m offering a PDF or Kindle version of Operation: Christmas Hearts, my Christmas story. Yep! That’s right, I said Christmas! Partly because this book isn’t just for Christmas and partly because I wish the great feelings of Christmas could last all year long.

CLICK a PIC for DEETS about how you can show your appreciation for our military, not just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day but every day of the year.

BLURB: Ashley Torrington never cared much about Christmas before. But this year she’s having a particularly blue holiday because Marine Special Operations Team member, Nick Turner got under her skin just before he was deployed to Afghanistan. With her neighbors’ precocious daughter Bella volunteering Ashley for a special project at school, and a mysterious white-haired stranger named Estelle in town buying gifts from Ashley’s shop, not to mention the odd assortment of presents Ashley’s been receiving from an anonymous source, she shouldn’t have time to worry about her guy. But when he and his team go missing the week before Christmas, she realizes only a Christmas miracle will reunite them.

Captain Nicholas Turner never backed down from challenges—on the battlefield or in his personal life. But he’d never met a challenge like Ashley, who doesn’t want to be anyone’s “girl back home.” Now he’s on the other side of the world, wanting to be anywhere but in Afghanistan for Christmas. About to embark on one of the most dangerous missions of his life, he needs Ashley to know she’s much more than the girl he’d left behind, and he does plan to come home to her. But in the meantime, a little Christmas magic would be appreciated. Little does he know, he’s about to get his wish.

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Coming in May 2012: Everlasting Echoes, book 3 in the Echoes of Orson’s Folly series:

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22 thoughts on “Romancing the Valentine

  1. JeanP says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and participating in the hop. I enjoy Christmas, so this sounds like a perfect read.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  2. Renee Bennett says:

    I love these blog hops. I get to meet some new to me authors and visit with old friends.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a great prize!

  3. Shadow says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the chance to win! Your book sounds so good! I love the cover too! 😉

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