Sweet Saturday Sample-Fore!

Got game, anyone? This is a little something from my latest release, Operation: Christmas Hearts. Enjoy!

Ashley narrowed her eyes as she watched Nick bend over his club and study the windmill turning at a slow pace in front of the little mouse hole through which he had to shoot the ball. How astonishing that after only a few shots, he had the stance and handgrip down perfectly. Who did he think he’d been fooling? Not her, that was for sure. Well, maybe a little. At least up until he’d held his putter like a rifle.

She edged to the left. If she’d judged it correctly, she should be in his peripheral vision. He pulled the club back. Ashley lifted her hands over her head and stretched, pushing the assets he seemed to enjoy stealing glances at a bit more front and center than normal.

Nick’s putter skimmed the top of the ball, sending it angling off to hit the bricks lining the green felt-­covered fairway. He shot a slightly ticked off glance in Ashley’s direction. “Why’d you do that?”

She blinked with feigned innocence. “Do what?”

“You know what,” he muttered, stalking down the fairway after his golf ball. “You’re deliberately trying to throw off my game.”

And it’s working, too.

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As you enjoy this holiday season, please remember our military troops! USO E-mail Thanks to the Troops.

God bless you and yours.


7 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Sample-Fore!

  1. Jean says:

    LOL! Love this scene! You bet she’s using everything she has to throw off his game and it’s working! Great scene, Kay. Can’t wait to read it!!

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