Sample Platter


Heartsight:  “God, if You’re there, this would be the time for a miracle,” he whispered.

Camp Wedding (in Matrimonial Mayhem):  “Oh, my!” breathed Trish. “I’m a Maypole.”

Coming November 25, 2011 Operation: Christmas Hearts: Goose bumps formed on his skin, but Nick felt like he was on fire. “I’d sure like that, Bellie-Sea-Shellie. You can never have too many angels around.”


Also from Kay Springsteen:

Heartsent: Spurred by indignation, Lina clamped her hands on her hips. “Kevin Daly, if you think you’re going to take me for a ride in this thing, you can re-­‐‑think your plan!”

Lifeline Echoes: “You just stay strong and hold onto me. We’ʹll get through this together.”

Elusive Echoes: “You are a distraction.” He pressed her against the outer wall of the stable with his body. Her pale blue eyes widened, then lit with passion. Sean removed his hand from her mouth and replaced it with his lips.

Available for $2.99 at  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble


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