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Happy Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a day on which people in the United States celebrate romance, love, and friendship, showing our appreciation for friends, family, and co-workers with bouquets of flowers, gifts, candies, and other tokens of affection. The first Sweetest Day took place in Cleveland, Ohio, sometime  in the early 1920s. It started out as an occasion to give to the less fortunate of the city, and has since morphed into a celebration of sweethearts and family. Not to be confused with Valentine’s Day as a holiday for pure romance, Sweetest Day is still one of America’s sweeter traditions.

Another sample from Heartsent, just released from Astraea Press:

He hit number two on speed dial. His mother answered on the first ring. “What’s the occasion?” Then she laughed.

“Mom, I need a favor. A really, really—really big favor.”

She sighed. “I’m not helping you kidnap the love of your life again. If you screwed things up there, you’re on your own.”

“Mom, I need you to come shopping with me.”

Silence. Kevin checked his phone to see if they were still connected. “Mom?”

“I’m here. I was just skimming the medical dictionary for illnesses that cause auditory hallucinations.”

Kevin chuckled. He did hate shopping. But this was different. This was like being on a mission.

“Really, son? Shopping?”

“Here’s the thing.” He patted his pockets as he walked and talked, trying to remember where he’d shoved the keys to Lina’s Jeep. “I’ve got something to tell you, only it’s a big secret, so you can’t go telling anyone at work, especially Irene.”

She paused. “Do I need to be sitting down?”

“Lina got a baby.” He found the key in his right front pocket on the second try and pulled it out.

“She what? Got a baby?” His mother’s voice turned suspicious. “Did you have anything to do with that? I thought you two just started seeing each other.”

“Yeah. No! He’s her sister’s baby, and just a couple of days old, only her sister died six or seven months back, so Lina ended up with him. She was pretty surprised.”

His mother fell silent again. Finally, she spoke, her voice sounding perplexed. “Hon, were you fighting some sort of chemical fire without your facemask this morning?”

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11 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Jennifer Lowery~Writer says:

    LOL! Fun sample, Kay! Love the mother’s reaction to her son asking her to go shopping 🙂 Would love to read more of this one.

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