Sweet Saturday Samples/Heartsent

Lina Standish has a lot of rules but one that takes precedence over all the rest. She doesn’t date co-workers. Well, firefighter Kevin Daly is about to make some changes to her rules…

He kept his eye on the envelope as the balloon began its slow deflation to make sure it progressed evenly. The silky nylon undulated in a sensual rhythm as the air moved around inside, seeking exit through the vent opening in the top. When it began its wilt to the side, Kevin knew it would be a few minutes. He turned his thoughts back to the woman standing next to him.

With a start, he realized Lina was staring at him, head cocked to one side, waiting for something. She must have said something he hadn’t heard. “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

She held his gaze and explained with exaggerated patience. “I said Greg was giving me a ride home tonight. He was running the Ferris wheel until five.” She tapped her watch. “He’s probably waiting for me now.”

Paramedic Greg Fiskar could wait all night for all Kevin cared, but he pasted a smile on his face as he headed for the chase truck, calling over his shoulder as he walked, “Sorry, I didn’t know you had plans for this evening.”

Lina caught up with him in a few quick strides, her long legs easily keeping pace. She cast a sidelong glance in his direction, openly assessing. “The only plans I had with Greg were for a ride home so I wouldn’t have to fight for a parking spot. I don’t date—”

“—Inside the department,” finished Kevin, unable to keep the grin from spreading over his face. That was about to change. She just hadn’t admitted it yet.

Heartsent by Kay Springsteen…Tuesday!

Also available from  Astraea Press   Amazon  Barnes & Noble:


The Sweet Life:  Sweet Sadie Therapy

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