Sweet Sample Saturday: Lifeline Echoes Page 99

So, I decided to try a Page-99 Test today. The scoop is, open any full length book to page 99 and if you like that, you will probably like the rest of the book. So, here it is. Let me know what you think of my p. 99.

Lifeline Echoes, p. 99

A plush, dark towel slung around his hips, Ryan was using another to dry his hair while he contemplated the insanity of having stayed up all night. His bed now looked mighty appealing.

He slid open the dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of dark briefs, pausing when he saw the folder. With one trembling finger he traced the upper edge. The bold black lines of the capital A on the tab sliced through his conscience like hot wires. Ryan squeezed his eyes shut against the onslaught of feelings he preferred to keep buried. He opened them abruptly. Man! What had he done by getting involved with Sandy? It felt a little like . . . cheating.

He picked up the folder, swallowing past the lump of emotions lodged in his throat. Opening it, he saw pages and pages of his own handwriting. Notations of leads which hadn’t panned out, her name, given to him by one of her sympathetic coworkers: Allie Whitman. Beneath all that, more pages of handwritten notes, the details he remembered of all their conversations, written when he’d been unable to walk, just so he’d have something to hold onto. He shuffled through them once again, those well-­worn sheets of yellow paper.

He’d fallen in love with her, asked her to marry him. Yet he had nothing tangible of her. When he’d needed her, she hadn’t been there. She’d completely disappeared, almost like she never existed. The guys had teased him about hallucinating for months until he’d gotten more careful about looking for her.

And now . . . Sandy made him want to throw it all away. Seven years of searching for someone who must not want to be found. Who was he cheating on if she’d left him first?

“Sandy,” he whispered. He was cheating Sandy if he moved forward with her before letting go of the past he still struggled with.

“You and your brother square things up?” Justin’s gravelly voice came from the doorway.

Ryan jumped “Stop my heart first next time, will ya?”

LIFELINE ECHOES available now:  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Also available, ELUSIVE ECHOES, Sean and Mel’s story.

New reviews for the Echoes series:  Lifeline Echoes http://bit.ly/oN0olX  Elusive Echoes  http://bit.ly/qtwvuf

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