Sweet Saturday Samples

For my first Sweet Saturday Samples, I’m offering a brief taste of Dan and Trish, from Heartsight, and then a quick tease from an upcoming release, Heartsent. If you want to get back to Sweet Saturday Samples, just click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Nuzzling her neck, he feathered little kisses along her collarbone. “Just try describing them, see what happens.”
“I…” She pulled in a deep breath. “I’m not going to be able to if you keep doing that.”
“Is this you reining me in?”
Trish laughed. “This is me saying if you want me to describe my paintings, you have to stop breathing in my ear. Your choice of how we end this conversation.”

Heartsent (available October 2011):

Was it possible to die from longing? Lina was beginning to think the slow torture Kevin was subjecting her to with the butterfly touch on her lips would surely result in death. Or maybe she’d just go not-so-quietly insane. He kept them poised, just on the verge of the kiss. What was he waiting for? She tried to move forward, to lean into the kiss but he held her in place with her braid wrapped around his hand like a rope. Unable to move forward, she surprised herself by not wanting to step back.

Currently available:


Amazon, Astraea Press, Barnes & Noble

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13 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Sherry Gloag says:

    Two awesome samples heere. I’ve read Hearsight and am eagerly awaiting the release of Heartsent. You are so cruel 🙂 That’s an awesome teaser!
    Best wishes with the new release.

  2. the1940mysterywriter says:

    Two beautiful and entertaining samples! And I remember that scene from Heartsight so well.

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