Dreaming In the Movies

I watched the story of J.K. Rowling on Lifeline Monday night. It’s a very inspiring story that should give young writers – especially those with fresh vision and new characters – a lot of hope. Heck, I only write contemporary romance but her story gave ME hope. See, it wasn’t so much WHAT she wrote that I found inspiring, but the way she gave up things along the way and even with the different twists and turns her life took, the obstacles in her way, she still stuck to her dream.

I was talking about J.K.’s story to one of my daughters this morning, and I said something along the lines of feeling like Rowling, that I’d given up things for my writing, that with every one of life’s setbacks recently, I hadn’t been able to shove my writing to the rear seat. Not that I’m anticipating any movie deals for any of my novels, and not that the story of my life is particularly inspiring…

And Dora, always one to dream big, says, “So what if Heartsight DID get made into a movie? Who can we cast?” (Yes, she’s always one to jump on the proverbial bandwagon, too.) She figures we need some really great actors to play the roles of my main characters — why? Because she pictures us taking time from our lives to go watch the filming, and, well, you may as well meet the actors, and thus, they should be actors you like. It’s kind of hard to argue with her reasoning.

With that in mind, we chose Sam Worthington (Jake Sully/Avatar) for the role of Dan Conway, and Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, The Time Traveler’s Wife) for the role of Trish Evers. Hmmm. So, okay Hollywood, Dora and I are so ready for our big break! We’ll still be here waiting for “the call.” But, um…yeah, neither of us have quit our day jobs yet.

“If you’ve got yourself a dream, work hard, believe in yourself because I know dreams can come true.”- Dennis DeYoung/Styx 1997.  Dream big, people. Whatever your dream may be, it’s good to have dreams. Tell me about yours!


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