It’s Friday!


Put on your best dress, baby….



And darlin’ fix your hair up right.




‘Cause there’s a party, honey…

Way down beneath the neon lights.

(~Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich)

So it’s Friday – what do you do on the last day of a typical work week in the summertime? Beach? Barbecue? Block party? Whether you enjoy a blowout bash with all your friends, an intimate dinner for two, or a private party with a good book, you’re on the right track to a longer life if you do something fun.

Recreation. Most people read this word and think of RVs and extreme sports. It’s generally accepted as any activity done for enjoyment while not working. In reality, recreation is the process of creating something again. In human terms, to participate in recreation is to renew – to re-create yourself.  Whether it’s extremely physical or a mental endeavor, the process of recreating is important to the process of living. Your body needs to do something different from the norm. Your mind needs time off from work issues and daily routines. . . you need times of enjoyment interspersed through the stresses of your life. So whatever you plan to do for fun this weekend…consider it a prescription for your good health. But remember to party safely!


What are your plans to recreate this weekend?


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