Ryan McGee’s Despair

How about a glimpse into Ryan McGee’s worst nightmare?

He stood against the back of his brother’s truck, staring in the direction of the mountains where he knew Sandy waited, unable to communicate, perhaps trapped, likely injured. But it wasn’t the intimidating behemoths of rock he struggled in the dark to see.

It was her face he conjured.

Sandy’s face, with the chicory eyes flashing fire at him on a mountain road. Sandy, flirting with him at her bar, performing a sexy song and dance. Sandy looking over her shoulder with that half-smile, enticing him to follow her. With eyes darkened by passion when they kissed. Her face showing her vulnerability while she slept. Eyes that held compassion for a defenseless baby animal. Her face, streaked with soot and set with defiance. Her face lit by concern as she sat a vigil by his bed in the hospital. Then as he’d last seen her, eyes filled with hurt…….

Available now: Lifeline Echoes, from  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble  (Author-rated PG for mild violence)

Coming soon Elusive Echoes – Their love has always been on simmer…will it survive when the heat is turned up?

Also available:


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