The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

The rules of the award are simple:

1) You link the person who sent it to you

Thank you, Elaine Cantrell

 2) List seven random facts about yourself
a) I’m a softie for all creatures great and small.
b) I love hiking.
c) Baseball and hockey are my favorite sports to watch.
d) I love a good long and tortuous water slide.
e) I could read when I was less than age 4, but when I entered kindergarten at age 5, I had no idea how to skip.
f) I once attended school to be a teacher.
g) I am a passionate photographer.

3) Pass the award on to 10 other awesome blog buddies

Meg Mims

Jennie Kitchens

Terri Dryden

Samantha Combs

Monique O’Connor James

Sherry Gloag

Lisa Vaughn

Kathleen Ball

Charlotte Blackwell

Cheryl Grey

4) Contact them and let them know

Available now: Lifeline Echoes, from  Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Coming soon: Elusive Echoes They’ve been in love since they were children, but will their love lasts when the heat gets turned up? Astraea Press June 2011


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