Several Paragraph Weekend

Since Six Sentence Sunday is taking a break, I thought I’d treat you to a longer excerpt from Lifeline Echoes this weekend. But Ryan and Sandy’s story is just the beginning. Sean and Mel get to tell their story later this month in Elusive Echoes. You’ll want to be caught up on the haps around Orson’s Folly by the time Elusive Echoes releases. So here’s a taste of Lifeline Echoes:

“Much better than rattlesnake.” Ryan popped the last of a spicy tortilla into his mouth. Stretching out his long legs, he rolled onto his side, propped his head on one arm, and took pleasure in watching Sandy’s hands as she chopped a pair of mangos into bite-sized pieces.

Sitting cross-legged in front of him, she drew her sharp knife through the rind of a lime, cutting it in half before looking up. “Says the man who didn’t pack anything or rustle up a rattlesnake.” She squeezed both lime halves over the chopped mangos with a motion that had Ryan thinking of more sensual pursuits.

He tore his gaze from her hands and lifted a shoulder. “I didn’t have to. You brought a whole kitchen with you.”

She plucked a chunk of mango from the bowl between them. When she held it to his lips, he took the fruit into his mouth, then snagged her hand, bringing it back to his lips and licking the sweet stickiness from her fingers. When he swirled his tongue over the tip of her index finger, she touched her tongue to her lips. Ryan’s blood began a quick drain southward.

With a tiny smile, Sandy slipped a chunk into her own mouth. “Did you know the mango tree is sacred in India? It’s a symbol of love and some people believe it can grant wishes.”

Keeping his eyes on her, Ryan slipped another piece into his mouth and chewed slowly. She seemed intent on setting a more leisurely pace. At least one of them had sane thought processes. She took another piece of fruit into her mouth, this time sucking on it, closing her eyes in obvious delight. Watching her eat was becoming an excursion into exquisite sensual torture.

“Do you have wishes, Sandy?” Time for a different kind of distraction.

She shook her head. “No, not anymore. I think I’ve used up my quota of wishes. What about you?”

Silence fell between them while he contemplated the woman across the blanket. For just a minute incredible sadness had shown on her face, but she’d recovered quickly. He chose his words with care. “I think we’ve got the beginning of something nice here. I’m really wishing it’ll keep going.”

Available at Astraea Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

And watch for Elusive Echoes, coming in June 2011

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One thought on “Several Paragraph Weekend

  1. Lindsay says:

    Doing a few paragraphs since Six Sentence Sunday is taking a break sounds like a god idea. Think I’ll do the same.
    How well I remember this scene from the book.

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