Happy Mother’s Day Sunday Six

This Six is taken from Camp Wedding, my contribution to the upcoming charity anthology, Matrimonial Mayhem, an Astraea Press website exclusive, with 100% of the proceeds slated to benefit victims of the killer tornadoes in Alabama. Many people don’t consider how hard Mother’s Day might be on military families–not just for obvious reasons for deployed moms, but for moms who are alone with their children because dads have been deployed.  And for moms whose sons and daughters are in harm’s way. The Homecoming Fence at Camp Lejeune is more than a welcome home to returning troops–it is a tribute to those troops and to their families, who have kept the home fires burning while their loved ones have been away helping to keep the world a safer place. God Bless Our Military and Our Military Families! Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially our Military Moms.


“Look at all that. I forgot what it was like to see Homecoming Fence,” murmured Margaret, her gaze on the long chain link fence lining the road.

The six-foot tall fence was covered in all manner of welcome home messages from small signs to tie-dyed sheets bearing the names of the loved ones who would be arriving from deployment. Trish chuckled at the cardboard sign with its message spelled out in blue diapers: It’s your turn, Lance Corporal Henson. Your SON can’t wait to meet you! Then she sobered as her mind drifted to what it must have been like with Dan’s last homecoming, when he hadn’t returned to Camp Lejeune but to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, blinded by an IED and facing an uncertain future.

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Stay tuned for updates about the release date for Matrimonial Mayhem and how your purchase will help storm victims in Alabama.

And there is still time to benefit the USO with a purchase of Heartsight from Astraea Press – $2 donation with every purchase made at Astraea Press website through June 1.

Latest review of Heartsight.


16 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Sunday Six

  1. Laura Kaye says:

    Wow, you really captured the scene there and took us from humored (with the diapers) to tense and sorrowful (with the injured vet). Congrats on such a meaningful anthology contribution!

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