Mother’s Day Moment from Camp Wedding

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to share a mom and daughter moment from my upcoming release in  Matrimonial Mayhem, the Astraea Press wedding anthology. My contribution is called Camp Wedding, and is the story of Dan and Trish’s wedding (Heartsight, February 2011). One hundred percent of the proceeds from this anthology, an Astraea Press website exclusive, will benefit the storm victims in the hard-hit areas of Alabama, through the Governor’s Faith and Community Based program. This will be a direct donation to the victims of last week’s terrible storms. And now, please enjoy an excerpt from Camp Wedding:

“Mama!” Bella pulled on Trish’s dress. “Daddy can’t see you. How will he know you’re pretty?”

“Remember we’ve talked about it, sweetie? Daddy sees differently than you and me.” Trish drew a hairbrush through Bella’s soft blonde hair. “Daddy knows what things look like because he can feel them.”

Bella turned a solemn face upward to regard Trish. She used her hand to push up her pink-framed eyeglasses. “But how does he know what color it is?”

“Hmm.” Trish paused in mid stroke. “That’s a tough question. I suppose we’ll have to tell him.” She pointed at the dress. “What does the color make you think of, Bella?”

Bella frowned at the dress for a moment. Then her face cleared and a sunny smile burst forth. “It’s like my big shiny shell, Mama!”

Trish stared. Indeed, the dress was almost the same color of blush pink as the inside of the conch shell Dan’s sister had sent Bella from her childhood collection. “Then when we get married, that’s what we’ll tell him the color is, okay? But let’s keep it a secret until then.” She kissed her daughter on top of the head.


Other authors  you will enjoy in this anthology:  Elaine Cantrell, Therese Gilardi, J.F. Jenkins, Kim Bowman, and J. Gunnar Grey.

More from these fine Astraea Press authors may be found here.  Remember, Astraea Press specializes in Mom-friendly reading (Grandma and the teens, too!) – What a great Mother’s Day present – a Kindle loaded with lots of the latest e-books by Astraea Press authors. And watch for Matrimonial Mayhem to be released this month.

For moms, what was your favorite Mother’s Day gift to receive? For kids, what Mother’s Day gift was the most fun to give?


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