If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Another Six Sentences

More Six Sentence Sunday.

This is from Elusive Echoes, Sean and Mel’s story, which is due out later this year. Sean was thrilled when his brother returned home in Lifeline Echoes, but as you will read, Sean has his own life.

He arrived, breathless and excited, and feeling like a hormone-ridden teenager with his libido doing somersaults through his system. He glanced at his watch; forty-five minutes late.

The dinner Mel had promised might be burnt by now, and as Sean slid his key into the lock, he wondered if he’d get any dessert. He pushed the door open and his mouth watered instantly, but it was a toss-up whether it was because of the smell of food infusing the air, or the sight of Mel lounging on the foot of her bed wearing a form-fitting corset in hot pink satin over a black leather miniskirt and black lace stockings with—have mercy, five-inch stiletto heels in the same shade of pink as the corset.

His mouth fell open and he dropped his hastily packed duffel bag on the floor with a thunk. “Honey, I’m home.”


Watch for Elusive Echoes, coming later this year from Astraea Press.  In the meantime, read the story that started it all, Lifeline Echoes, available now.

Also available Heartsight. And coming soon read about Dan and Trish’s wedding in Camp Wedding, part of the Astraea Press wedding anthology – 100% of proceeds from the wedding anthology will benefit the relief effort in Alabama.


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