Spoonful of Sweet with Guest Blogger Nancy Naigle

To continue the series on cleaner reading, I want to welcome Nancy Naigle to talk about Nicer Romances. Her novel, Sweet Tea and Secrets, is about to be released, and I’m already intrigued. I plan to pick one up – hope you all will, also! Welcome, Nancy!

Thanks for asking me to pay a visit to your blog on a “nicer” romance day.

I, like many of you I’m sure, juggle a “real” job, family, pets, friends, chores and everything else that lands in my path at a microwavin’ drive-thru speed. That pace is hard to keep up. Reading is what keeps the bubble in my level right smack dab in the middle. If I can escape to someone else’s world and get swept away for even just thirty minutes—I’m a new woman!

There are so many books to choose from that it’s no easy task to find the perfect fit. That’s why when I stumble into an author that writes the kind of books I enjoy reading, I devour everything they write. I mark my calendar with the next release, or pre-order, so I don’t miss one.

It’s funny how you bump into new authors, too. I read my first Mary Kay Andrews novel because she was the keynote at a conference I was going to attend. Boy was I in for a treat. HISSY FIT had me laughing so hard that I thought the folks at the airport were going to have me locked up. I’ve read everything she’s written since. My all time favorite book is Mary Alice Monroe’s TIME IS A RIVER. It’s a breast cancer survivor’s journey that takes you to the mountains of Carolina and a town full of history and mystery. Grab it. You will not be disappointed.

So, I have to admit that in my mind just about every book I read is sweet, so I had to really consider which ones I mentioned. I got worried because I know that I have quite the talent for skimming any of “those scenes” that would make me a little uncomfortable. I don’t need to know the “how” of that stuff. My imagination and heart can fill in the blanks so I’m perfectly fine skipping those entries and meandering forward in the story. Do you have that talent, too? Cussing is a little harder for me to ignore for some reason. How about you?

My debut novel, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, will be out in May. I’ve been told that one of the nice things about it is that you can share it up and down your friend and family chain—daughters to grandmas—will enjoy it. That was the biggest compliment. I hope that every one of those daughters, grandmas and everyone in between finds a few minutes to escape to Adams Grove and enjoy a little much-needed relaxation.  If you enjoy SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, stay tuned for OUT OF FOCUS coming in November.

You can stay up to date on release schedules and events at www.NancyNaigle.com.

READERS – Your turn. How do you find the authors you enjoy?

I’m looking forward to reading the answers to Nancy’s question! Comment on Nancy’s guest blog and you will be entered to win a PDF copy of my own sweet novel, Heartsight. Thank you, Nancy, for stopping by. And congrats on your upcoming releases!

Heartsight and Lifeline Echoes are available at Astraea Press as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble


23 thoughts on “Spoonful of Sweet with Guest Blogger Nancy Naigle

  1. Joselyn Vaughn says:

    Congratulations on your new book!

    My reading time is so limited that I usually have a personal connection to the authors I’m reading right now.

    It is really nice to be able to tell someone at church that your book is okay for their pre-teen daughter to read.

  2. Phyllis Johnson says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets. When Nancy Naigle writes, she really puts her soul into her work. Her personality really shows through in her writing and her characters and conflict definitely draw you in. Order your copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets!

  3. Lisa Vance says:

    I’ve found most of my favorite authors through friends on Facebook. Not only do you get to read fantastic stories, but you get to know the author in a way that isn’t normally possible. Good luck, Nancy!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on your upcoming release.
    Like most when I find an author I like I’ll read everything they have. Guess I’m lucky in that I only have to deal with 2 pets and work.

  5. Nancy Naigle says:

    I’d love to hear who some of your favorite authors are! This is the perfect spot to trade wonderful reads and authors with others.

    By the way, in the back of Sweet Tea and Secrets I’ve included some of the yummy recipes from the story. It’s a southern story so you know there’s food! Pearl’s amazing blue-ribbon Chocolate Pecan Pie anyone?

  6. Felicia Rogers says:

    Nice post. I completely agree that is great to be able to find a read that you feel comfortable recommending to everyone. As far as how I find authors to read, that varies. I’ve gone on a friends recommendation. I’ve looked up books similar to what I like on Amazon–although this produced varied results. In general I find an author I like, generally with a series and I stick with it. Then when that is over I go see if they have more! Of late I’ve been reading ebooks that I’ve won. I’ve been completely blown away by the talent of the new authors that are hitting the scenes. Again, thanks for a great post on clean reads!

  7. Kaki Warner says:

    Wonderful post. I, too, prefer less graphic books–Jodi Thomas comes to mind–although I’ll read just about anything if the writing holds up. Nancy, I am so excited about your upcoming release. It sounds like a wonderful read, and the title is outstanding! Good luck to you on your big day!

  8. Lisa Kumar says:

    Great interview! I tend to stick with authors I like, though a new author will tempt me with really good reviews in a genre I love. Nancy, I’m like you and will skip alot of ‘those’ scenes, but it’s getting harder to do so when half of the book seems to consist of them!

  9. Nancy Naigle says:

    I know what you mean, Linda. Some books you might not get a lot of reading done with the “skim” technique. Luckily, I think in most cases the cover helps convey a certain level of “clean reading” as well.

    Okay…and this is probably blatant self-promotion…but it’s sooo pretty. Here’s the link to my cover for Sweet Tea and Secrets. My publisher did such an awesome job. It just screams southern, doesn’t it!!! (hope this little linky thing works — fingers crossed)

  10. BG Lashbrooks says:

    I’m with you…I don’t need to see those scenes to know what happens! Cussing also stands out for me, but only if it’s untrue to the character speaking. If it’s a part of who that character is and it’s used appropriately, I don’t even notice the cussing. I can’t wait to pick up your book!

  11. Miriam Newman says:

    I don’t mind some of the spicy stuff as long as it’s well written and not gratuitous. Buzz words for body parts will lose me in a hurry. Cussing? It’s seldom necessary. An appropriate word thrown in here and there for effect, fine. Reams of the stuff? Goodbye! 🙂

  12. Nancy Naigle says:

    This has been so much fun! I hope we can stay connected and share wonderful titles and authors with one another going forward. You can find me on twitter at @nancynaigle and on facebook, too 🙂

  13. Grace Greene says:

    Hi, Nancy – What a fun post! I do the same sort of ‘skip’ reading and sometimes misremember which books are actually sweet. As for the reading audience, I have two young granddaughters who are very interested in what their grandmother writes – and I’m happy that I’ll be able to share my books with them when they get a tad older, not to mention my aunts and nieces. I’m looking forward to buying a copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets and maybe you can autograph it for me at the Lori Foster Event in early June?

  14. Nancy Naigle says:

    The Lori Foster Author Reader Get Together in Ohio in June is going to be lots of fun. Can’t wait to see you there, and I’ll definitely autograph it for you!

    Anyone else live in the Cincinnati area or attending the Lori Foster event?

  15. Tracy March says:

    I am one of the lucky ones who has read SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, and it is a wonderful, small-town story–just what Nancy describes as a get-away-from-it-all-and-relax read. 🙂

    Be sure and put it high on your ‘to read’ list! And when you bake some of Pearl’s treats, send them my way because I’ve got no talent in the kitchen!

    Congratulations, Nancy!

  16. Susan Hatler says:

    Congrats on your upcoming release, Nancy! I usually buy books upon recommendation. Or, if an author I love has a new book out — love it when that happens. Happy reading and writing!

  17. Nancy Naigle says:

    I do love getting recommendations on books. I hope all of y’all will keep me posted on your new favorite reads! I’ll do the same.

    And for my special new friends…just a little secret and early announcement. BOOKTRIB.com will be hosting a contest on their site to promote SWEET TEA AND SECRETS beginning May 12th for two weeks. It’s a fun one. I live on a goat farm … and we’re going to have you help us name a baby goat!! She’s really cute. You don’t want to miss out on that. Get your thinking caps on.

    I hope you’ll put it on your calendar and stop by. Tell your friends, too. You could win the prize 😉

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