Lifeline Echoes on Six Sentence Sunday

As they turned onto the long driveway to the ranch, the sun burst through the window, and shards of rainbow-colored light danced over them both. Sandy gently captured the source of the prismatic effect, a tiny crystal angel dangling from the rearview mirror by a pale blue cord.

“Pretty.ʺ She glanced at Ryan to check his reaction, arching an eyebrow when he studiously showed none. She released the angel. “And a little . . . unexpected.ʺ

See the Lifeline Echoes trailer here.

Available at:

Astraea Press

as well as Amazon and  Barnes & Noble

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14 thoughts on “Lifeline Echoes on Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’ve been following your 6 every week since I joined. As a former volunteer firefighter the lines touched me more than I can say, which is amazing for an author. After this last six I had to have the book. I just bought it for my Kindle. It now sits in my TBR stack but I’ve got a feeling not for long.

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