Three-Excerpt Wednesday

Lifeline Echoes

“That was a strong one,” Mick said.

“A strong what?”

“Aftershock. Feel it? It’s still moving.”

Sandy looked around the room. Coworkers were manning the other boards. All was silent. And still.

“Aw, jeez,” Mick said softly. “‘The course of true love never did run smooth.'”

Sandy instantly recognized Lysander’s line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “It can,” she insisted. “It will, Mick!” Tears welled.

“Angel . . . I’m sorry. I think—we could have had something good—”

Crashing and crunching sounds came over the comm, then a burst of static and then nothing, not even the hiss of open air. The connection had been abruptly severed.

“No!” she shouted in frustration, earning everything from covert glances to concerned stares from the other dispatchers.

Frantically, her hands worked the outdated radio system, trying to reestablish a connection, but the link remained silent.

“It’s okay. His battery died, that’s all,” she said to herself.

One by one, the clock ticked off the minutes of radio silence.

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Lifeline Echoes is available now at Astraea Press.


$1 from every sale of Lifeline Echoes at the Astraea Press website will be donated to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.


Watch for Sean and Mel’s story in Elusive Echoes, coming this year from Astraea Press.



Dan popped open what apparently was some type of storage cabinet next to the pantry and felt around inside. Trish blinked in surprise when he withdrew a bright orange utility extension cord. He tightened the coils, wrapped one of the ends around the cord a couple of times then hooked the male and female ends together. He slipped the cord over his shoulder. Any other time, any other person, and Trish would have demanded to know if he’d lost his mind. But she realized she trusted Dan completely.

“Wouldn’t it be better for me and Trish to go out and you to stay here?” asked Jill.

Dan drew a deep, somewhat shaky breath, blew it out again. “I’m Bella’s best hope. I know the beach better than either one of you and I’ve been trained to conduct operations in the dark.”

Jill assessed him for a long moment, then finally nodded. “Okay.”

At the door, he pulled a blue windbreaker from a hook and handed it to Trish. “Wear this. Make sure you zip it. Put the hood up and tie it off.” He snagged a second windbreaker and shrugged into it.

“I don’t need a jacket.”

“Just wear it.” He was completely in charge. His commanding tone expected nothing less than complete obedience.

See the trailer here.

Heartsight is available now at Astraea Press.


$2 from each sale of Heartsight at the Astraea Press website will benefit the USO Wounded Warrior Program.


Rumor has it, we might be getting a peek at Dan and Trish’s wedding this summer. Read on for a preview.


Camp Wedding

“Hold still so I can unzip you,” said Ashley.

The whisper of the zipper sounded loud to Trish’s ears and she suddenly realized Dan still stood in the doorway. His head was tilted in the way he had when he was listening intently, and the smile on his mouth looked just a little bit like a leer. Trish cleared her throat. “Don’t you have to get ready yourself?”

He shook his head. “No, I’m all set.”

“Um, hello. I’m changing here.”

His suggestive chuckle did things to Trish’s heart rate. “What’s the matter? It’s not like I can see you.”

She sighed. Of course she was being silly. She slid out of one sleeve with a whoosh of silky fabric and caught the slight movement  of Dan’s fingers against his leg. “Oh, for Pete’s sake! You’re imagining the dress coming off, aren’t you?”

He froze, the smile evaporating from his face as he started easing from the doorway. “Ah, I’ll just go get Jack into his harness.”


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2 thoughts on “Three-Excerpt Wednesday

  1. Kim Bowman says:

    GREAT! Can’t wait to read these books! I HAVE to get caught up on my own books so I can enjoy reading everyone else’s:))

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