Lifeline Echoes on Six Sentence Sunday

Clutching the handset like the lifeline it was, Ryan carefully made his way to the edge of the cliff. It was just a shelf of crumbling shale and there was no way of knowing how unstable it might be. He held up a hand to warn the other volunteers back. Then he dropped to the ground and crept forward on his belly. Although he knew he should wait for safety gear, he was driven by a sense of urgency to get to Sandy. He spotted Justin’s pickup immediately, a bloody red wound amid the dark pine boughs.


Voices form a powerful connection. The day the earth rocked LA, Sandy Wheaton became a voice lifeline over the radio for trapped firefighter, “Mick.” Less than 24 hours later, she had fallen in love with him. Shattered when she learned that rescue came too late, she sought solace Wyoming, his home state that he had loved and described to her in detail. Now, seven years later, she’s made a life there as the owner of a popular local bar. But her wounds still feel fresh and she longs to let go of the past  and her lost love so she can begin living again. When the local prodigal son returns home, the attraction is instant. It feels like she’s known him for far longer than just a few days.

A son comes home. Sixteen years ago, Ryan McGee left home amidst controversy. After living through a harrowing trauma, he finally returns when his family needs his help through some troubling times. All he wants to do is make amends with those he hurt most and to get back to the life he’d never wanted to leave in the first place. When he meets the sexy bartender, he starts thinking in terms of forever. But there’s still someone out there he wants to find, someone who once believed in him and gave him hope. Someone who had held his life in her hands…and then just disappeared.

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