Jean Joachim Interviews Herself!

I want to welcome Jean Joachim to my blog today. She’s here to talk a little bit about herself and a little bit about her latest release, through Astraea Press, Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights.

Jean is hosting other folks on her blog and doing some really fun things there…check out her blog!

In fact, she’s interviewing authors from Astraea Press, and when I saw the questions she was asking, I challenged her to answer them. Since she did…and I’m posting them here…I guess you can say she conducted her own interview. But hey, they were great questions and we really did want to know her answers, too! So, here they are:

1)      Who was your favorite character to write? Why?

It’s a toss up between my first hero and my first heroine. But after that, I’ve loved every hero and every heroine. They may do some dumb things but they are truly loving people with no meanness in them. If I don’t love them, who will? That’s just the way they came to me as imperfect but lovable folks.

2)      How did you pick the setting for your book? Is it someplace you enjoy being?

Though I’ve living in New York City for many years, I’ve been spending a month in the country with my kids for the past 15 years. I fell in love with country living and country people. The town for “Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights” is taken right from that place, a tiny town where the nearest grocery store is six miles away. I do love it up there, where the moon is so big because you don’t have all the buildings blocking it. That’s where I got the title from.

3)      Do you schedule your writing or write whenever you can grab the time? I plan to write every morning and get up about six or six thirty to write. I stop only when I have to or I need a break.

4)      How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing for the past fifteen years, writing non fiction first.

5)      Did you always want to be a writer? Yes. Some kids though a doctor or a fireman was the coolest thing to be, I thought writers were, even when I was a kid. I started making up stories when I was six.

6)      Did you throw out plot ideas that didn’t work? Yes! I wrote a whole sting scene where my bad guy gets caught, but when the scene was finished, he outfoxed me! I realized h e had overheard something that would put him wise to the sting. So I threw out the scene and Rex got to go free for another 60 pages.

7)      Did your characters “speak” to you? All the time. I often feel like a fraud, just a stenographer, taking down their words and describing their actions as I see them playing our their stories in my head.

8)      Would you ever write a romance in the first person? Although that is so tempting because you wouldn’t risk head hopping, I don’t think so. Somehow first person would make it so personal for me, I’m not sure I could create a believable story if I only saw it from my own perspective.

9)      Which character do you like the least? Why? Brad, the husband, in my current book, “Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights”. He’s not a nice man. But then, I enjoy it when he gets his just desserts in the end. Something so much fun about sticking it to the bad guy!

10)       Do you have more books in your head now? Yes, I do. I’m writing the sequel to this book now and am also working on another book bounced around in  my head for a month or two. I keep a list and it seems to be growing every month. There are never enough hours in a day.

11)   Would you ever consider doing a book in a different genre, like paranormal or contemporary if you’re not doing that now. Not at this point. I love contemporary romance and the genre is comfortable for me. Since I have so many ideas in this genre, why would I switch to something else?

Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights is available here

Enjoy a sweet weekend read!

Caroline Davis White is a well-known artist and married to a wealthy, controlling man. She has everything money could buy except one thing: Love. Brad refuses to give her a divorce she so desperately wants.  With no money, family, or friends, she flees to the Catskill Mountains where she spent her summers as a young adult.

Mike Foster has achieved success and made more money than he could have thought possible, but it destroyed his marriage and cost him his son.  He is wary of every woman he meets, knowing his money may be more attractive than his good looks.

Caroline reconnects with the life she had and friends from long ago. Mike stepped out of her teenage dreams into her life again, looking more handsome and tempting than ever. Caroline knew Mike back then, but is he still the man she fell in love with?


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